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Loose Women’s Jane Moore lectured by fans after travel disaster


Rachel Avery

loose womenit’s Jane Moore landed in sunny Egypt on Friday, but sharing a selfie with a pyramid, the presenter revealed that not everything went to plan…

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Although she arrived safely at her destination, her suitcase did not arrive, leaving her without clothes or medication for her HRT for her two-week trip.

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The star wrote: “So…I made it to Egypt but sadly not my luggage. And there’s still no sign. So if anyone reads this works for @Egypt Air or know someone who does, could they take a look at @Heathrow airport and see if there’s a little black suitcase on his lonesome? Especially because my HRT is in it! Thank you! #pyramids #Egypt #anoutfitfortwoweeks #hrt.”


Jane shared this sunny selfie with fans

Fans rushed to the comments section to share their sympathy for the star’s misfortune with one writing, “Oh no!!! Fingers crossed this pops up” and another adding, “Ah I hope you will soon find your luggage! Have a good trip otherwise!”

Others were keen to point out their top tip for making sure they never part with important medications when traveling. “Always keep medicine in your purse,” one follower said, and: “Noooooo. Never put medicine in checked luggage,” another agreed.

Companion loose women Star Denise Welsh simply wrote: “Omg!!!” after hearing the news.


Jane had to apologize live this week

It comes after Jane had to apologize live this week after the guest Brian Cox made the air blue with a swear word.

The actor, who plays Logan Roy in a hit drama Successionappeared on the TVI daytime show Wednesday and accidentally swore a lot to the entertainers’ concern.

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Jane Moore was quick to fire Brian at his remark, loudly clearing her throat to cut him off and telling viewers at home, “It’s daytime TV – apologies!”

Brian said, “Apologies. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Brian’s gonna go wash his mouth out with soap,” Jane then joked as Brian jokingly added, “At least I’m not saying the F-word.”

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