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List of Supreme Fall Winter 2022 accessories: Beanie Baby, Honda


This is Beanie Mania once again! Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection has been revealed in a new lookbook, and with it comes a new set of accessories that are set to blast Supreme’s prehistoric servers once again come release time.

Take it all: there’s a lot to sort through.

Perhaps most notable is the Supreme Beanie Baby, which appears to be a special iteration of the American flag-patterned Spangle Bear released in 1999.

Of course, Supreme’s Spangle (even their names sound alike!) has a Box logo on his chest and “2022” embroidered under his little foot.

While not as huge as the Spring/Summer 2022 Airstream trailer, Supreme’s latest Honda collab is almost as big.

It follows the previous Supreme Honda motorcycle from fall/winter 2019, which came with a host of racing equipment.

None of these garments are included for Fall/Winter 2022, but you won’t need them – the shine of Supreme’s Grom FW22 chrome motorcycle is quite telling.

It’s also one of Supreme’s strongest winter-specific accessory seasons, with plenty that should get fans into the Christmas spirit.

You’ve got a smiling inflatable snowman, Supreme-branded Backcountry Access shovels, Paricon sleds, and bespoke Moccamaster KGBV Select coffee pots, which aren’t necessarily seasonally themed, but who doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee? in the middle of the winter cold?

Fall/Winter 2022 also features a slew of Japan-themed items, highlighting the New York streetwear brand’s deep roots in the island nation.

You have a set of Supreme-branded Kojima Shōten lanterns, a Kyoshi Mini-Z Nissan Skyline Nismo RC car, Momoko fashion dolls, Tenugui towels, a TOYO steel toolbox, and even a locally made tea set.

Special mention must be made for Supreme’s wacky accessories that appear every season, of course, and Fall/Winter 2022 comes with a Beaver gumball machine (with Bogo gumballs!), a cookie jar in the shape of Pilsbury Doughboy, olive oil (!), and little Kuumba air fresheners in the shape of a Supreme Bogo t-shirt, in case you were wondering what that smells like.

They’re not that weird but a special mention for a few returning Supreme collabs: Pat McGrath, who provided exclusive nail polish, and Nike, who are restocking their staple Supreme Air Force 1 sneakers.

Suffice it to say, a lot to look forward to, especially if this Supreme Chicago store actually opens before 2023.

Plus, there will be a slew of big-name collabs going down the drain later this season, as usual – Rolex is the one gracing the lips of most leakers.