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Lenovo unveils Yoga Slim 7 Pro with Oled display and accessories


DESIGNED to deliver an enhanced user experience with the latest bold innovations, refined craftsmanship and smarter technology and to empower users in a new hybrid working world, Lenovo unveils the new Yoga Slim 7 Pro with OLED display – the first laptop to bring you the next generation Windows 11 operating system power, which facilitates creativity and productivity.

Lenovo Go Accessories, a new sub-brand of a line of specially designed personal computer accessories, is also launched to help improve efficiency and the overall workplace experience.

The Yoga Slim 7 Pro (OLED version) is designed for multitasking and content creators who want immersive high-performance visuals powered by OLED display technology, excellent connectivity with long battery life, without having to worry about feel anchored in a socket.

The laptop has a 91% active area ratio in 16:10 proportions for a new viewing mode that reveals more vertical content when browsing the web or working with text documents. It has a 14 inch screen powered by the latest Samsung E4 OLED technology designed for superior image reproduction. With a 90Hz refresh rate at a 1ms response time, animations and transitions are smooth. The OLED screen emits less than 6.5% blue light for better eye care.

For more information, follow the official Lenovo Philippines Facebook page or visit www.lenovo.com/ph


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