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Lafayette police are looking for candidates for the recruitment day on Saturday, November 6


LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (KLFY) – The Lafayette Police Department is ready to hire officers and is looking for candidates to begin the process on Saturday, November 6 at 9 a.m. on the football field at Teurlings Catholic High School.

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be “strong Lafayette” will need to dress prepared. It means ID, tennis shoes, athletic clothing, and the determination to use them.

“We want the best officers we can find to be put on the streets of Lafayette,” Sgt Kristina Strong, Lafayette Police Department recruiter, told News 10.

The agency of 302 officers just matched 12 candidates to open positions in October before 12 new patrol positions were added on November 1. Sergeant Strong is looking for the next dozen recruits to fill the remaining roles.

“It’s definitely to start filling those positions,” Strong explained. “We are over there. We are doing the job and I think we are keeping pace very well, but having more officers is never something that is going to hurt.

Since February 2020, there has only been one other recruiting day. At the height of the pandemic, social distancing meant smaller police academy classes and no driver training. After the civil service tests were posted online, the Lafayette Police Department closed a deficit of 29 officers on its previous recruiting day in May.

“I started this in 2019 just to help our program evolve a little more smoothly and to keep a pool of candidates. It worked very well. We’ve had over 40 people every time we’ve done it, ”Strong said.

“Once they come out and take that physical training test, then we give them their applications, they do their course,” she added. “Then you go in and do your polygraph, an oral exam board, a psychological test, then a medical exam. “

The whole process can take three to six months before you’re next in line for a vacancy, but it all starts on Saturday with 1 minute of push-ups, 1 minute of sit-ups, a timed 300-meter sprint and a officer down obstacle exercise.

Lafayette Police invite anyone to apply, but they hope people living in Lafayette will come forward. They also encourage anyone who wants to take another step forward in a smaller department.

When asked why this recruiting day is so important, Sgt. Strong said: “The importance is for the citizens of Lafayette. We want to make sure we have enough police on the road to handle anything. “


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