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Lady Gaga and Kaley Cuoco Love C. Bonz’ Wearable Pet Portraits


Brand of the designer Céline Benz, C. Bonzbrings a personalized touch to everything from tracksuits to Chanel bags.

Her embroidered pieces are made to order in Malibu and quickly racked up an A-list, especially her sewn sweaters with custom pet portraits.

“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco recently posed in a sweatshirt embroidered with two of her dogs, Moose and Dumpy, while soap star Lindsay J. Price’s version is similar presents his pair of puppiesWebster and Sam.

“Titans” actress Conor Leslie, meanwhile, has a high featuring his dog, Roo – he even wears a lavallière! – and Busy Phillips is personalized with the furry face of her Goldendoodle, Gina.

Zosia Mamet of “Girls” fame is also a fan, and recently in partnership with Benz on a collection for the benefit of Ukraine.

Kaley Cuoco in C. Bonz
Kaley Cuoco poses in a tie-dye sweater embroidered with her furry friends.

And in perhaps the ultimate devotional show for fur babies, Lady Gaga stepped out in late February with her three beloved French bulldogs on a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

Benz tells Page Six Style that she began creating pet portraits after teaching herself the art of embroidery, using illustrations of her late Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix, Vida — who “always demanded the star and posed” – to practice.

Close-up of Louis Vuitton personalized with three French bulldogs and the initials LG.
Zoom on Lady Gaga’s embroidered bag.
Celine Benz

After “some trial and error”, she started wearing her designs in public, and people kept asking about them. So Benz decided to launch a luxury lifestyle brand “focused on comfort, personalization and durability”, inspired by the joy his pet portraits brought to people.

She started with pop-ups with local stores, then opened a permanent personalization station at celebrity favorite Fred Segal. This is where she hooked up with the beloved Hollywood label Staud, and began working with designer Sarah Staudinger to create custom embroidered bags and sweatshirts. She’s been busy ever since.

Busy Philipps wearing a black hoodie
Busy Philipps wears his custom C.Bonz hoodie.

One of the first handbags she ever embroidered was for Hilary Duff during a live pop-up with a crowd. She was “beyond nervous”, she recalls, as she had only embroidered one of her own Louis Vuitton bags before.

Fortunately, she “didn’t destroy her bag”, and she and Duff became friends.

C.Bonz sweatshirt

C.Bonz Custom Pet Portrait Classic Crew Sweater ($195)

When Benz works with a celebrity on a likeness, she says she “experiences them and their pet, working directly to create an intimate environment that ensures privacy.”

The designer continues, “Usually they share stories and photos of their pet and I do my best to understand the essence of their pet’s personality. My favorite part of the experience is seeing their reaction to the finished piece and wearing it.

C. Bonz tote bag

C.Bonz Custom Pet Tie-Dye Tote ($125)

Although she never pays celebrity clients to post pictures on Instagram or pose for paparazzi with her product, she’s always thrilled when they do anyway.

“It’s pretty crazy how much this helps my small business and spreads the word,” she says.

The next time you see a celebrity wearing their pet on their sleeve — or, more likely, on their heart — you’ll know exactly who’s behind the dog-themed design.