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La Jolla Crime and Public Safety News: Muirlands Homes Burgled; coronavirus cases have increased by more than 800; Following


The district of Muirlands affected by several burglaries

A wave of burglaries recently hit the Muirlands neighborhood of La Jolla, with at least six homes burglarized in a matter of weeks. Homes on Hartley Drive, Muirlands Drive and El Camino del Teatro have been targeted since early December.

Burglars seem to have a similar method: wait until 7 or 8 p.m., lock the house to wait for residents to leave or to confirm that residents are not at home, break a window in the master bedroom, seize jewelry and other small valuables and breaking into safes and leaving before the police arrive. Some residents have documented through home security footage what appears to be a runaway driver waiting on the street as as many as three burglars enter the home.

A resident said “the first floor had been cleaned” and jewelry from the owner’s late mother and grandmother was taken, along with handbags and a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

Another owner, Emmet Holden, said his house was broken into while his family was having dinner.

The family were only ‘out of the house for 90 minutes, and during that time the burglars were able to break into the master bedroom by breaking a window in the patio door, locating a safe bolted to the floor and succeeding in breaking it. open and steal all our valuables. We suspect they left when they heard my wife coming back from dinner,” Holden said.

The two owners told the La Jolla Light that they wished there had been a more aggressive police response and better communication to and within the neighborhood.

“It took police over two hours to respond to the 911 call,” Holden said. “Since then, we have learned of many similar burglaries and we have been shocked. Not only does there need to be more support from law enforcement to protect us and patrol our neighborhood, but there needs to be better communication and awareness in our community.

The other owner said several neighbors said they wished they had known this was happening. “They would have been more vigilant. It’s very scary,” the resident said.

San Diego Police Lt. Rick Aguilar said two detectives have been assigned to the case. “We gave our crime analysis unit case numbers for all of these cases,” he said. “We’re trying to develop a specific time and day when the break-ins happen, and then we’ll develop a plan with the combination of undercover detectives and officers to deal with the show.”

He added that a home can be made safer with good lighting.

So, he says, when going on vacation, “let a neighbor know you’re going and if they see anything suspicious, they can call you or tell them to call us.” Our Retired Volunteer Service Patrol also performs vacation home checks for you. So if you call our substation, let [us] know that you are going on vacation and we can let our RSVPs check your house when you…are gone.

The burglaries in the Muirlands area come as several break-ins at La Jolla businesses in recent months have raised concerns among village merchants and amid reports of “organized” burglaries in northern County San Diego.

According to published reports, burglaries have occurred in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Poway, 4S Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, Torrey Highlands, Del Mar Mesa, Black Mountain Ranch and other areas. Burglars smash windows to get to the second floor of a home, looking for high-end jewelry, handbags or cash, often just after sunset when residents aren’t home . Police told ABC 10 that thieves work in teams of four – three enter the house while a fourth waits for the getaway driver.

Local coronavirus cases rise by 806

The San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency is releasing an updated list of coronavirus cases by ZIP code, including rates per 100,000 population. Through January 11, the 92037 postcode (estimated population of 43,400) had a total of 4,096 recorded cases (up 806 from the previous count) and 9,462.9 per 100,000. The postcode is residence code, which may not be the place of exposure.

The county also releases a list by zip code of the number of residents who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. By January 11, 40,504 residents of ZIP Code 92037 had received a vaccine.

No one injured in La Jolla Shores apartment fire

A fire at a residential complex in La Jolla Shores caused about $60,000 in damage, but no one was injured, according to the San Diego Fire Department.

The fire was limited to the garage of a condominium building under construction, the department said. It was reported just after 4:30 p.m. on January 17 in the 8100 block of Camino del Oro.

The cause was not immediately determined and a fire investigator was assigned to the case.

Police blotter

December 20

Commercial burglary: 5700 block La Jolla Boulevard, 2h20

December 24

Burglary/vehicle theft: 5600 block La Jolla Boulevard, 2am

December 28

Commercial burglary: 600 block Kirkwood Place, 4 p.m.

January 3

Commercial burglary: 5700 block La Jolla Boulevard, 12:58 a.m.

January 5

Minor in possession of alcohol: 8300 block Camino del Oro, 11:44 p.m.

Underage driver transporting alcohol: 8300 block Camino del Oro, 11:50 p.m.

January 10

sex crime: Block 500 Coast Boulevard, 12:40 p.m.

drunk in public: 5100 block La Jolla Boulevard, 5:26 p.m.

Residential burglary: 1600 block Soledad Avenue, 5:45 p.m.

January 11

Criminal vehicle theft: Block 8000 Calle de la Plata, 8:10 p.m.

January 15

Pilfering: 5600 block La Jolla Boulevard, 4 p.m.

Compiled by La Jolla Light staff writer Ashley Mackin-Solomon from police and other local reports. Editor Elisabeth Frausto contributed to this report.