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Indian Railways Mission Amanat service to help you find lost luggage on trains


Thousands of rail travelers lose their belongings on trains every year. Collecting these items is a difficult task for the average person, and as a result, the Western Railway launched a new service, Mission Amanat.

As part of the service, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) will locate lost luggage of rail passengers and upload a photo and description of the personal effects to the Western Railway website. Passengers can then identify and collect their luggage.

To locate and identify their lost baggage, passengers should visit the Western Railway website – http://wr.indianrailways.gov.in. You must go to this site and click on the “Mission Amanat – RPF” tab. RPF shares details of missing items, as well as photos. If you find your goods on the site, you can claim them by providing proof of ownership.

According to Western Railway, the RPF collected goods worth Rs 2.58 crore belonging to a total of 1,317 rail passengers during the year 2021, from January to December, and returned them to their owners. legitimate after verification.

In Mumbai, the Western Railway RPF has also launched a Covid-19 awareness campaign. The objective of this campaign is to make passengers aware of the importance of following the Covid-19 guidelines.

According to Western Railway chief spokesperson Sumit Thakur, the railways are taking all precautionary measures to educate passengers about Covid-19 protocols.

Passengers will be briefed on the use of masks, hand sanitization and social distancing by RPF personnel. The RPF also associated with various NGOs and used leaflets and banners.

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