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In Search of Pre-Owned Luxury: The Resale Rise in the United States


The boom in clothing resale over the past decade has been fueled by a growing demand for more sustainable options. The trend has been slower in luxury, with designers reluctant to get involved for fear of brand dilution. However, as prices rise, the appetite for second-hand luxury goods in marketplaces such as eBay, The RealReal and Depop has increased.

One of the main obstacles to buying second-hand luxury goods is the concern about counterfeit goods. eBay has worked to alleviate this problem with the expansion of its authenticity guarantee service, with watches, shoes and handbags from several luxury brands physically inspected and verified by qualified experts.

This research, carried out in partnership with eBay, explores the engines of pre-owned luxury in the United States, and what is important to consumers in this space.

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