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I Can’t Believe What I’m Reading About Allan Saint-Maximin…Again – Suspend Belief


It was December (2021) when I first saw him really ramp up with (some fans) as far as Allan Saint-Maximin was concerned.

At the time, I wrote something on The Mag about it, ahead of Man City’s home game (December 19, 2021), at the time Newcastle United struggling amid a tough run of games.

Then I saw the same in February and I wrote another article on Allan Saint-Maximin and these ‘fans’ which was published by Le Mag.

Now I feel compelled to do the same, because very, very oddly, for me at least, a significant minority of Newcastle United fans want to make Allan Saint-Maximin a kind of scapegoat.

The theory seems to be that the team led by Eddie Howe has/had put together a decent race based largely on hard work/teamwork and that ASM doesn’t fit into that “success” in terms performance and results.

Eddie Howe asked what was/was the situation with Allan Saint-Maximin being benched again at Everton:

“Maxi was not about to start [against Everton].

“He’s only had two training sessions in four weeks and when you’ve had an intense period of games like we’ve had, it’s very difficult to put that load on him.

“The problem is that if you start it without this base [of training behind him]there’s a good chance he’ll hurt himself.

“No, we decided to use him again from the bench. I thought he had done well when he arrived.

“He gave us an outlet and did what he always does, he’s a one-on-one threat and dribbles the ball really well.”

Even though Eddie Howe has explained why Allan Saint-Maximin hasn’t been named in his starting XI and indeed the clear reasons why ASM are unable to perform to the best of their abilities, it still has not been the case. stopped the stupidity of some Newcastle fans, as these comments below show, many from Everton.

Newcastle United fans comment on Allan Saint-Maximin in various places online, including Twitter:

“We have been a better team without Allan Saint-Maximin, everyone is rolling up their sleeves and fighting for results. No place in the team for lazy players.

“Do you wonder if the heart of Saint-Maximin is still there?

“Fuck Allan Saint-Maximin, you stupid bastard.”

“I would rather have Jacob Murphy than ASM, work hard and you know what you get.”

‘He’s a maverick. A good match out of 10. A luxury we cannot afford.

“Cash it in the summer.

“If he passed the ball while 3 other players were overlapping him, maybe we would score more goals.”

‘A show pony. How about he hits the ball into the net a few times and wins a few games.

“Ask him why he’s so lazy.”

“Allan Saint-Maximin is playing for himself, not for Newcastle United.”

‘Leave him on the bench. It’s been horrible this season.

“Absolutely no final product as far as I know.”

Honestly, where to start? If you think the biggest problem for Newcastle United is Allan Saint-Maximin this season, then the only problem is you.

This idea that he’s lazy, selfless, doesn’t care, can’t be bothered, etc., is absolutely insane. The vast majority of matches this season, it was Allan Saint-Maximin who put in the most grafts. I can only assume that most Newcastle fans who take it out on themselves have never played much football. This is by far the most tiring role to play in a team, when you are the player who carries the ball more than any other, gets the team up the field more than any other, brings NUFC into the opposing box more than any other, more runs into the opposing box than any other…and so on.

You almost get the feeling that many of this sizable minority of NUFC fans will only be happy once they chase the Frenchman to another club. Unfortunately, the news clearly reaches him from this minority, especially since he is very active online, Allan Saint-Maximin posting this on his social networks in reaction to these clownish comments he sees:

How embarrassing, that one of the few positive and uplifting people in Ashley and Bruce’s later years, felt the need to respond to these self-proclaimed judges of her performance and commitment.

Allan Saint-Maximin remained at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce and never tried to jump ship despite the club’s mess. So… now (some!) fans want to kick him out, would be better off without him, and would rather have Jacob Murphy on the team???

Watch the Newcastle United players and their direct goal involvement in this 2021/22 Premier League season:

8 Allan Saint-Maximin (5 goals, 3 assists)

6 Callum Wilson (6 goals, 0 assists)

5, Ryan Fraser (2 goals, 3 assists)

3 Javier Manquillo (1 goal, 2 assists), Joelinton (2 goals, 1 assist)Fabian Schar (1 goal, 2 assists), Jonjo Shelvey (2 goals, 1 assist)

2 Joe Willock (2 goals, 0 assists), Kieran Trippier (2 goals), Jacob Murphy (1 goal, 1 assist), Sean Longstaff (1 goal, 1 assist), Matt Ritchie (2 assists)

1 Lascelles (1 goal), Wood (1 goal), Bruno (1 goal), Krafth (1 assist), Hayden (1 goal), Hendrick (1 goal), Clark (1 assist), Burn (1 assist)

The idea that Allan Saint-Maximin is just some sort of show pony with no end product is laughable, certainly compared to the other options Newcastle United currently have.

The squad looked a lot stronger BUT that was overwhelmingly due to the arrival of Trippier, Burn and Targett at the back which then gave Schar the chance to show just how good he can be alongside better defenders/players, Dubravka also improving for a measure because of it. You then have Joelinton as a major factor in this improvement in his new position, while the likes of Fraser, Willock and Shelvey have all reversed their ideas under Eddie Howe.

However, the reality is that in many recent games we still haven’t created many chances in the absence of ASM and the positive results are largely down to better and more disciplined defence.

No one can tell me that adding a fit and tuned Allan Saint-Maximin to this now solid defensive base, wouldn’t be a bonus, rather than some sort of supposed negative.

I use updated tables from the excellent’Other14‘ (they specialize in statistics for 14 clubs that are not part of the ‘big six’) to prove the case of Allan Saint-Maximin,

This one too….

…and that

Premier League opponents dribbled past on March 16, 2022

As you can see, Allan Saint-Maximin is the only Newcastle player in the top two lists when it comes to average number of chances created for teammates in games AND average number of shots on target in games.

As for his dribbling ability, we all know he is good BUT the above just shows how he does it against every club/team/opponent, having successfully dribbled past 112 different opponents so far this season, a astonishing 47 more than any other player at the other 14 Premier League clubs.

Allan Saint-Maximin is clearly at rock bottom at the moment, struggling with injuries and fitness, as he tries to get back to 100%.

He needs the support of Newcastle United fans right now, not above criticism!

Eddie Howe explained it, Allan Saint-Maximin couldn’t even train properly this month, apart from a few sessions. Forget all the silly conspiracy theories and this idea that we’re better off without him, instead remember how good Allan Saint-Maximin can be and what we’ve seen so many times before in a Newcastle shirt, despite the fact that… to be surrounded by a group of fairly poor players. in general.

Imagine how good he can be with a solid defense behind him who can also play a bit of football, Joelinton and a fully up to date PL Bruno G and other quality players signed to play in the attacking half and really give the opposition something to think about by playing alongside Allan Saint-Maximin.