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How to Use AirTags to Track Valuables


Apple AirTags are tiny, battery-powered Bluetooth tracking devices that can be attached to anything you’re worried about losing. Each AirTag is associated with your iPhone and can then be tracked, in real time, using the Find My app pre-installed on your smartphone. Apple sells AirTags individually for $29or in packs of four for $99.

Sure, there are a bunch of companies that sell cheap Bluetooth tracking devices, but there’s one major advantage to using AirTags: it’s the vast network of other iPhone users located around the world. which can anonymously and automatically help you find a missing item.

When you pair an AirTag with any iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 model, you can instantly locate the item it’s linked to (or attached to), if you’re about 300 feet away. this element. So if your TV remote slips under the couch cushions, you leave your keys in another room, or you can’t remember where you put your wallet or glasses case, just launch the Find app My and follow the directional arrows on your smartphone screen. (and the sound signal generated by the AirTag) to quickly find the misplaced object.

Since each AirTag is associated with a specific item that you designate during the one-minute setup process, once set up, use Siri to find what’s missing. Just say something like “Hey Siri, where are my keys?” to locate a missing item.

However, AirTags’ abilities to find missing items don’t stop there. From the Find My app, if you enable Lost Mode for a particular AirTag, your iPhone will anonymously contact a large network of all other compatible iPhones around the world. If one of these iPhones picks up your AirTag’s signal (because it’s within your AirTag’s 300-foot signal radius), you’ll be notified of its location and can take appropriate action to recover the lost item ( and the AirTag).

This process is anonymous, encrypted, and happens in the background, so the person with the iPhone locating your item never knows that their iPhone helped track someone else’s AirTag. You can also set it up so that if someone else’s iPhone taps your AirTag (which is associated with your missing item and has been placed in Lost Mode), your contact information will be displayed on their iPhone. smartphone, but this is optional.

Buy a single AirTag for $29

The advantage of buying AirTags directly from Apple.com (as opposed to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Reseller) is that you can get a free engraving on each tag, so it can display up to four numbers, letters or emojis.

Buy a pack of four AirTags for $99

One of the advantages of AirTags is that the battery pre-installed in each one will last about a year. After that, you can easily replace the battery by yourself. Plus, each AirTag is splash and water resistant (IP67 rating), so you can drop it in water (up to about three feet for up to 30 minutes) without damaging the tracker. Get this handy 4-pack for backups or tracking multiple items.

Apple users have used AirTags in very creative ways

With or without a special holder, AirTags can easily be inserted and hidden inside a pocket or compartment of any wallet, backpack, purse or luggage, for example. They can also be attached to a keychain or anything else you’re worried about losing.

However, if you are concerned that an item may be stolen, do not attach an AirTag outside of that item where it can be easily seen and removed (or even accidentally torn off). By hiding the tracker inside one of these items, someone trying to steal the item an AirTag is attached to will not immediately see the tracker, so you will have time to pinpoint its location.

Beyond the obvious uses of an AirTag, people have discovered innovative ways to use these tracking devices to track young children, dogs, sports equipment, luggage checked in to an airline, as well as all sorts of other valuables. To get the best results from using an AirTag for some of these purposes, it’s best if you live in a city or very congested area, where a lost item and its AirTag are more likely to be within range of the iPhone. ‘someone else.

Find your runaway dog

If you have a dog that tends to run away from the confines of your home or yard, attaching an AirTag to their collar is an inexpensive way to be able to find them quickly, assuming you live in an area where your dog will probably be within reach. from other iPhone users. While it’s not a foolproof method of tracking your pet’s whereabouts, it’s definitely an inexpensive tool that could help.

In addition to replacement dog collars that have a built-in AirTag mount, there are all kinds of standalone collars available. AirTag Holders available from third-party companies (you can find them at Amazon), which allow you to attach an AirTag to a dog’s existing collar.

Keep track of your little one and their belongings in high traffic areas

For a parent of a toddler, there is always the risk that he will run away and get lost in the crowd if you take your eyes off him for even a moment. Also, if your kids bring a backpack, favorite toy, or stuffed animal, they tend to drop it or leave it behind more often than they think to take it with them when they go. leave school, a restaurant or a playground, for example.

When taking your kids out to a crowded place, consider having them wear a wristband designed to hold an AirTag, or attach it to something your child is wearing, like a belt loop or backpack. By doing this, if your child wanders off, you may be able to locate them quickly using the Find My app installed on your iPhone.

It’s also a great strategy for attaching an AirTag to any toys or favorite things they’re carrying on an adventure, so if it’s dropped or left behind, you’ll be able to find the item faster without having to trace. all your steps that day. Again, this isn’t a foolproof tracking method, but it’s an additional tool to add to your parenting arsenal.

Insert an AirTag into every piece of your luggage while traveling

While Apple offers luggage tags designed to contain an AirTag that can be placed outside the luggage, it is best to insert an AirTag into any luggage you plan to check with an airline.

By doing this you are often able to find out where your bags are after handing them over to the airline you are traveling with, so if you have connecting flights, for example, you will gain peace of mind. knowing that your luggage is traveling with you on the right plane. Of course, you should also put an AirTag in your carry-on, briefcase, and purse in case it is accidentally forgotten or stolen during your travels.

A wide range of AirTag holders and accessories are available

Sold separately from Apple and a wide range of independent manufacturers, all kinds of specialized AirTag holders make it easy to use one of these devices for a specific purpose. You’ll learn more ways to attach AirTags to often misplaced items by checking out this article, titled 10 Voguish Apple AirTag holders to help you keep track of your keys, gear and pets.

Never lose your keys again using an AirTag

The most popular optional accessory for AirTags is Apple’s Leather Keychain. You insert the AirTag (sold separately) into one end of the key fob, then attach your keys or other items to the opposite end. This leather key fob is available in your choice of eight colors and is crafted from fine European leather and stainless steel.

Attach an AirTag to another item using this carabiner clip

This AirTag holder securely holds one of Apple’s trackers in place and can then be firmly attached to the item of your choice using a carabiner. This type of accessory can be used to clip an AirTag inside (or outside) a handbag, a backpack or a sports bag, for example.

Attach an AirTag to your dog’s collar

Amazon offers a wide range of optional AirTag accessories that attach to your dog’s existing collar or have an AirTag holder built into a replacement collar. Here’s a replacement collar from FEEYAR that securely holds an AirTag in place in a flexible, reflective collar that can be worn comfortably by your dog.

Use one of these AirTag holders with your pet’s existing collar

Slide an AirTag into one of these mounts, then slide the mount over your pet’s existing collar. A variety of sizes are available to fit almost any size dog or cat.

This credit card-sized device hides an AirTag in your wallet

Insert an AirTag (sold separately) into one of these credit card sized holders, then insert the holder into your wallet so you can track your wallet’s location if it’s lost or stolen. It is also ideal for slipping into the pockets of bags and luggage.

Quickly find your children if they get lost in the crowd

If you often take your children to events or places where there are large crowds or places where they can easily wonder if you accidentally take your eyes off them, even for a few moments, consider having them wear one. of these nylon wristbands that you can insert an AirTag into. As soon as your child leaves your sight, you will be able to quickly locate their location using the Find My app on your iPhone. Again, this works best if you’re in a very crowded area.

Attach an AirTag to almost anything using this adhesive cover

Insert your AirTag into one of these soft silicone holders (water resistant), then attach the holder (using the included reusable adhesive which leaves no residue when removed) to any object, such as your TV remote, sports equipment, or anything else you can clip an AirTag with any other type of mount. Elago Silicone Holders come in a two-pack and offer three color options (black, blue, or red).