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Here’s how to prepare your workout wardrobe for winter


It’s that time of year again that makes getting out of bed a bit difficult, especially very early to train. Winter workouts aren’t much fun, but what if we could help him improve?

On cold winter mornings, do you struggle between staying warm under your blanket or enduring the cold and exercising? While a little exercise is always encouraged throughout the day, winters can make it quite difficult to do in cold weather. You have to be covered from head to toe so you don’t catch a cold. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

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If you are someone who likes to walk or run on a daily basis but also dreads the cold, this is for you. Brands are now slowly entering the world of winter wear, and we’re not just talking about everyday wear. While workouts are an integral part of many lives, brands are now offering workout clothes designed for winter. You can now train in comfort and without the cold!

The best workout clothes to prepare your wardrobe for winter:


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During winters, it’s best to layer as much as possible when you go out. As the name suggests, windbreakers, also known as windbreakers, help you feel warm against the cold air. Especially during your runs, layering a windbreaker will do wonders for you when you are running against the freezing air. Windbreakers are a great addition to your wardrobe during winters for these same reasons. Several brands have offered elegant windbreakers, combining fashion and fitness. Without any worries, you can now rely on windbreakers to beat the wind.

LSA recommends: The Adidas Love Unites windbreaker (Rs 7,999), a piece from their pride collection that is fashionable, unisex and ideal for winters.

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Dry Fit Clothing

winter workout wardrobe
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Your winter workout wardrobe should definitely include Dry Fit clothes, as this is one of the best types to wear for workouts. Designed to keep you dry from sweat, they’re also great for exercising in the winter. It’s the perfect item to layer with a windbreaker or even wear as is on days when it’s not too cold. Dry Fit clothing includes a wide range of sportswear such as sports bras, shorts, t-shirts and leggings. Now you can train without sweating and without being exposed to moisture, preventing the cold from hitting more.

LSA recommends: The Nike Dri-FIT Long Sleeve Running Top (Rs 3,495) is perfect for running and made with durable materials.

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Thick socks

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Image: Courtesy of Decathlon website

Most workouts require you to wear shoes, and of course, you would wear socks with them. The best way to keep your feet warm is to wear a good pair of thick socks. They will surely blow you away with their comfort, especially in winter, making them a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Usually, thick socks are made of wool, which is an ideal material for winters. Pair these socks with your favorite pair of training shoes and you’ll be ready to run the world.

LSA recommends: The Kiprun Running socks from Decathlon (Rs 299), designed specifically for running and preventing blisters.

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Sports leggings

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While shorts are the best for summers, once it gets colder, it’s time to introduce some sports leggings into your winter wardrobe. This garment is a staple in your winter training wardrobe because not only does it cover you completely, but with the wide range of materials and colors that leggings are offered in, this is one of the options. the most versatile. It’s the perfect amount of coverage on your legs, enough to keep you warm while you workout away!

LSA recommends: The TrueRevo DryFit leggings with a waist phone pocket and a zipped back pocket (Rs 1,299) which is ideal for your phone to be with you on the go.

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Running in the winter can plug your ears with the wind, causing headaches or worse, a cold! A headband is the perfect item needed to help fight the cold and avoid such problems. Invest one for your winter workout wardrobe to cover and protect your ears from unwanted wind, while keeping your head warm.

LSA recommends: The Reebok fleece-lined reflective logo headband (Rs 1,599) designed for better ear coverage during winters, with a reflective logo for increased visibility.

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Cuffs / Bands

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Sometimes while you are running or doing a brisk workout, the cold wind can hit your arms, making you feel cold and uncomfortable. Cuffs or warmers are a solution to this very problem. You can also wear it under your sweatshirt or windbreaker for an extra layer and comfort. Add them to your winter training wardrobe, and the next time you want to go out for a run but, it seems too cold, you won’t have to think twice. Wear a pair of flexible cuffs and they will keep you warm for sure.

LSA recommends: The Giant Diversion arm warmer (Rs 3,299) which is made of breathable and windproof material, preventing the wind from keeping you cold.

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