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Here’s a guide on what to buy


The state’s annual duty-free weekend begins Friday, and shoppers can save a few dollars on clothing, school supplies and other items before fall.

The sales tax exemption will apply from Friday, August 5 through Sunday, August 7 on items under $100. State officials estimated last year’s tax exemption saved consumers about $107.3 million.

Here is a guide to the tax-free weekend:

What can I buy?

More Clothesshoes, school supplies and backpacks are eligible for the waiver. Accessories, including jewelry and handbags, are not eligible.

The clothing exemption does not apply to sportswear, but does include items typically worn outside of athletics, such as baseball caps, tennis shoes, and golf shirts. Crampons, gloves and other specialized equipment are always taxed.

Another quirk: Cloth or disposable masks are eligible, but N-95 masks are considered medical-grade wear and aren’t eligible.

The break on school supplies is for primary and secondary education. It includes composition books, lunch boxes, markets, binders, and paper, among other items. It does not apply to computers or textbooks.

The controller website contains more detailed lists of applicable items.

What is the purchase limit?

Only items under $100 are eligible for the exemption, but the exemption applies to each item individually.

So if a buyer buys two pairs of pants that cost $60 each, for a total of $120, they will still get the tax relief on both pairs of pants.

Can I buy online?

The tax exemption applies to online purchases and phone orders, but you should watch out for delivery costs. The $100 cap applies to the total cost of an item, including any shipping, handling, or freight charges.

If a buyer buys a pair of jeans for $95, with a $10 delivery charge, they will have to pay taxes on the entire $105 purchase.

Is this the only tax-free weekend in Texas?

No, Texas also offers tax exemptions in April for emergency preparedness supplies and Memorial Day weekend for certain water and energy efficient products.

At least 18 states offer some kind sales tax exemption this year. Florida has eight separate holidays, including a one-year exemption for diapers and children’s clothing.

What is sales tax, anyway?

The state of Texas charges a 6.25% tax on most purchases. The City of Houston and METRO each charge 1% as well, for a total sales tax of 8.25% in Houston.

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