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Harmony Weavers Guild interweaves 50 years of Delaware history


Photo by Meg Ryan

Harmony Weavers Guild celebrates its milestone with an exhibit from the Delaware Center for Horticulture showcasing functional and wearable textiles.

A Delaware organization weaves its past, present and future into a textile exhibition.

The Harmony Weavers Guild presents a variety of works throughout the month of September to Delaware Horticultural Center in his Intertwining people and fibers for 50 years exposure. Weavers celebrate textiles using color, texture and pattern and will showcase wearable, functional and decorative pieces.

The exhibit also marks the 50th anniversary of the guild. Founded in 1971, the organization began as a group of weavers and later, thanks to advances in technology, embraced other aspects of the fiber arts including spinners, basket makers, computerized looms and tapestry weavers, explains Gynnie Moody, the exhibition’s coordinator.

The guild works with a variety of organizations across the state to teach people about weaving and textiles. “We always try to educate and intrigue people about what fabric is and where it comes from and how it relates to our history as human beings as well as to its presence in the artistic community. “, she says.

The Harmony Weavers Guild celebrates its 50th anniversary with the Interlacing People and Fiber for 50 Years exhibit. A variety of member-created textile artwork is on display. / Photo by Meg Ryan

The 80-member organization continued to meet virtually during the pandemic and aims to provide projects, workshops and other types of education to its members.

The Intertwining people and fibers for 50 years The exhibition features works ranging from tea towels to tapestries and handbags to baby blankets. Moody says some members will even dye the yarn themselves to give their pieces a personal look.

The official opening of the exhibition takes place during Wilmington Art Loop September 3 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visitors will then be able to explore the rooms at their leisure from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We hope to increase the appreciation of fiber in everyday life,” says Moody.


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