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Grandma praises Burna Boy after receiving her purse


Burna Boy recently performed in Dakar, Senegal, where his mother, Bose Ogulu, dazzled the crowd with her amazing dance moves.

By Kehinde Okeowo.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Damini Ogulu, better known as Burna Boy, has been showered with praise by his grandmother after gifting him a stylish and expensive bag.

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The Grammy winner, in a short video that has gone viral on social media, presented his grandmother with a stylish handbag that left her completely ecstatic.

In the video, after receiving the gift, she started praising the 39-year-old singer, praising him with a few lines from her song, “Yaba Buluku” as she danced.

Burma Boy and his grandmother

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Speaking mainly in the Yoruba language, the delighted grandmother said she would not lend the purse to Burna Boy’s mother no matter what and then waved to her grandson.

She said, “Ha! Burna!! Bose a fe be mi pa kin wa ya (Bose, Burna’s mom, will beg me a lot to borrow it)! Fun file (give it to) Burna. Odogwu, you are bad! »

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The talented singer watched in amazement as his grandmother sang his praises and danced elegantly to his music.

Meanwhile, Burna Boy’s mom Bose-Ogulu showed off her dancing skills in Dakar, Senegal at a concert where her son recently performed.

She showed no signs of advancing in age, as she danced like a pro, bent low, whined her waist, turned around and stole the show.