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Got a new iPhone 13? Grab these must-have accessories, under 1,000 rupees each


With the launch of all-new iPhones, a slew of kidney jokes are taking over the internet. For the uninitiated, these jokes essentially point out how buying a new iPhone can be as expensive as buying a human kidney. While these are just jokes, buying a new iPhone can certainly leave a deep hole in your pocket – the latest iPhone series starts at Rs 69,900. And even the older ones are expensive.

So if you just bought an iPhone, chances are your pocket will feel considerably lighter after the purchase. Now, while little can be done about the price of an iPhone, for the accessories you need with it (and hey, you need accessories – the contents of the iPhone box are also become lighter), you don’t need to lighten your pocket any further. In fact, there are tons of accessories that you can get for your iPhone and surprise, surprise, they all cost less than Rs 1000 each and come from reliable brands with a good track record.

Stuffcool Spike case at Rs 699 (varies by model): You have the back of your iPhone

Stuffcool Spike Case

No matter how hard Apple insists that new iPhones are tough and tough enough to survive on their own, buying a case is pretty much the first thing any of us would do after buying a new iPhone. . It’s not that we don’t take the brand’s word for it, it’s just that we wouldn’t want to risk even a small scratch on the back of this glass, let alone a crack. . Therefore, the purchase of a new iPhone is followed by a real ceremony of handing over the cases.

Now the ones that come from Apple are priced very similar to Apple’s which is anything but budget-friendly and those available in local markets often end up doing more damage than saving the phone (they are barely solid and often have dust inside that scratches the back of the phone). This is why the Stuffcool Spike Case is a very good option for someone looking for a good, low budget case from a reputable brand. A dual layer case, it is a mix of soft TPU on the inside and hard plastic on the outside, which is lightly textured to make the phone easy to grip. It’s reinforced along the corners, has great buttons and port openings, and is also raised just above the screen and cameras for added protection. The design may seem simple (although there are color options), but it’s a great case for those who want their iPhones to be safe. There’s also a six-month warranty, which means you can hold the company accountable if things go wrong.

Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector at Rs 800 (varies by model)

Spigen EZ Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector

While a case protects the back, tempered glass does the same job on the front, which has the business side of your iPhone – the screen. The history of tempered glass is also quite similar to that of a smartphone case. Many brand name products are expensive, the ones you buy on the gray market may not be able to protect the screen at all.

But there’s an EZ (pun intended) fix for that – Spigen’s EZ Fit line of tempered glass screen protectors. These are not only well designed and very durable and available for almost all iPhone models, but also come with an easy install kit that allows you to install the screen protector on your own. The process is fairly straightforward and also saves you the trouble of going to your local provider and handing your phone over to them in these COVID times. To top it off, the EZ Fit Tempered Glass comes in a two-pack, which means you get two screen protectors in one package, not only giving you backup, but also saving you another trip. And while its official price is often north of Rs. 1,000, it’s usually available for less than that, which makes it a good deal when you consider that you’re getting two screen protectors in each box.

Apple Lightning adapter to 3.5mm audio jack at Rs 900: wired for sound

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter

The 3.5mm audio jack is no longer on the iPhone and while much of the world seems to have flown into the wireless arms of TWS, you don’t need to let go of your wired headphones just yet. You can buy Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter and connect your wired headphones with your iPhone without any problem. Yes, you can get similar adapters from other brands at much lower prices, but this one is special – it comes with a built-in DAC which guarantees you high quality sound and also allows you to listen to music. in Apple recently. released lossless audio formats, which is not possible with bluetooth headphones. Product quality isn’t an issue – hey, it’s from Apple itself. You might even get it for slightly lower prices at shopping festivals. You just need to handle it with a little care – it too suffers from the curse of many Apple cables – that of wearing out at each end.

KZ EDX headphones at Rs 899: transparent design magic with fantastic sound

KZ EDX Headphones

It wasn’t that long ago that iPhones came with wired headphones in the box. Those days are now over. This means that you now need to get a pair of headphones if you don’t already have one. As the price of Bluetooth headphones has come down, those looking for quality sound might be better off grabbing Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Adapter (see above) and investing in a pair of wired headphones, that’s where the KZ EDX headphones come in. The headphones not only come with a trendy transparent design, but come with a ton of features and functions, all for less than a thousand rupees. They come with 10mm composite magnetic dynamic drivers that provide great clarity in the ups and downs, and also have buds that can be detached from the cable, meaning if the wires snap on you, you can just change them out instead of investing in a whole new set of headphones. Some might argue that KZ is not a “well-known” enough brand in India, but the headphones are very good and handle calls well as well. The fact that they retail for less than a thousand makes them your ideal and budget-friendly audio companion. And they will look as cool as your new iPhone. And sounds great too. (You can also read our KZ EDX review at https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-reviews/kz-edx-earbuds-transparent-design-detachable-cables-and-great-sound-under- rs -1000-price-7463945 /)

Stuffcool Novem Power Delivery Wall Charger / Adapter at Rs 999: Optimize Your iPhone

Stuffcool Novem Power Delivery Wall Charger / Adapter

In an attempt to make its brand more environmentally friendly, Apple decided last year not to ship its phones with a wall adapter. This means that now you don’t have a charger in the box. Additionally, the charge / data cable in the box is a Type-C Lightning. Apple’s intentions might be lofty, but for someone buying their first iPhone or even those who have their old adapters lying around with Type A ports, this actually poses a problem. Now when you buy a new iPhone, chances are you will have to shell out a bit more to buy an adapter as well.

Now, adapters are something that we strongly suggest that you do not buy on the gray market because an adapter without certification or questionable could end up damaging your phone battery and even turn your phone into a time bomb that can explode. at any time. Apple has its own adapters, but they are quite expensive (sigh), but there are some good options, even for those who want to stick to spending less than four digits – the best of them is the Suffcool wall charger. Novem Power Delivery. It comes with a Type-C port with 20W of power, which is about as fast as you can charge an iPhone. The adapter is solidly built, and we can’t stress it enough, it comes from a known brand and comes with a six month warranty. It’s also available with online discounts, making it the best option for anyone looking to boost their iPhone on a triple-digit budget.

INICIO 4 in 1 60W PD cable at Rs 999 – Ports for all needs

INICIO 4 in 1 PD cable 60W

As we pointed out, the iPhone now comes with a basic Lightning to Type C cable which might not be enough to meet your charging and transferring needs – there are still plenty of chargers and laptops and the like. gadgets with “normal” USB ports. This tiny little problem can be solved with a very versatile data cable called an INICIO 4 in 1 60W PD cable. As the name suggests, this is a four-in-one cable with USB Type C to USB Type C, USB Type A to USB Type C, USB Type A to Lightning transfer and connection options. and USB Type C to Lightning. This means that whatever device, adapter, or laptop you have, it is very likely that you will find a port on the cable that will connect your iPhone to that device. To top it off, the cable supports PD, QC and AFC fast charging with maximum output of 60W. From type C to type C, you can get maximum power of 60W which can even charge high laptops. power. It is therefore a cable that can be used for your iPhone but also for other phones and devices. It sells for Rs. 1,499 officially but it is almost always available under Rs 1,000 thanks to strong discounts on online shopping platforms.

*All prices are based on market research.


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