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Ghost Mall goes independent: Pacific Place takes a new lease of life


A few stores weathered the storm: Local favorite Pike Place Chowder, Tiffany & Co., Aveda, AT&T (a tenant since the mall opened in 1998) and Lululemon (now in a larger space) are still here. And the popular Chinese fondue chain HaiDiLao opened on the third floor in September 2020.

But most of the building’s 339,000 square feet remain empty. While walking around, you can play mall archeology game, match store artifacts with former occupants. Of L’Occitane, only its typical yellow and brown Provence facade remains – black curtains obscure the gaping space. One floor below, a small red sign indicating “yogurt and smoothies” is the key to deciphering the old text above, of which only the outlines are still visible on the cutout of the metal logo: “Red Mango”. The slogan “Welcome to the great interiors” – pasted on posters and signs covering empty storefronts throughout the mall – echoes through the empty building.

Madison Marquette, the Washington, DC company that owns Pacific Place, declined a maintenance request and refused to disclose vacancy rates or lease information, but sent a statement that read in part: ” The pop-up format gives these growing local businesses a short-term lease that can be as short as one to two days, and gives them an attractive option to connect in the physical space with their offerings. This allows them to test a physical store without a long-term commitment. ”

Audre Lorde in the dressing room

The arrangement also allows these small businesses and nonprofit arts organizations to take up much more space than they could normally afford. Molly Ray, a local independent perfumer, is moving from a 200-square-foot space in Pioneer Square to a 1,600-square-foot store in the mall, which means she can expand her perfume-making workshops. Orcas Paley’s Peter Gaučys and Patrick Angus have gone from an atmospheric 150 square foot storefront in Hillman City to a bright and spacious boutique.

Gaučys declined to disclose how much the store pays in rent, but said, “We wouldn’t be candidates for this space under normal market conditions.”

The most spectacular expansion has been for Wonder of Women International. Veronica Very previously operated the nonprofit from her Seattle home. Now in the former Victoria’s Secret, it has 11,000 square feet, currently part of the WOW Gallery Dear sister i see you, an art exhibition of “Iconic Black Women” and “Black Love” paintings by Very’s husband, Seattle artist Hiawatha D.

“It still shocks people when they come around the corner. They tell me ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting all of this.’ And to be completely honest, you usually don’t find such large porches, ”says Very, sitting on a leather sofa in one of the spacious rear porches. “We are taking up space. Without any excuse.