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Fred Segal Taps Concept One for accessories – WWD


Concept One, extending its series of licensing agreements signed over the past seasons, will produce fashion accessories, luggage and handbags for Fred Segal, the hip Californian lifestyle retailer.

The companies unveiled the exclusive multi-year license agreement on Friday.

“Fred Segal is a unique fashion brand, steeped in Hollywood history and linked to celebrities and entertainment for over 60 years,” said Sam Hafif, CEO of Concept One.

“For years this was my favorite place whenever I traveled to LA. I stopped in to see their latest designer brands and pick up some fun clothes to wear around town. The new flagship location on Sunset Boulevard is a modern take on the cult classic location we all remember.

Hafif said the upcoming line of fashion accessories and handbags will “speak to Hollywood culture” and launch in the spring of 2023. Merchandise will be offered at Fred Segal stores and on FredSegal.com, and will be offered for wholesale distribution by department and specialized stores.

Leather bags will cost between $250 and $300; soft hair, hats and accessories will sell for between $24 and $36. “The style will be colorful and contemporary with an emphasis on smaller shapes,” Hafif said.

Concept One and Fred Segal also plan to collaborate on limited drops with some of Concept One’s other licensing partners, Hafif added.

A rendering of a Fred Segal bag by One Concept for Spring 2023.

“Licensing our brand through limited collaborations and fully branded product categories is a key initiative for us as we expand beyond our Southern California roots,” said Jeff. Lotman, CEO of Fred Segal and Global Icons, a branding and licensing company. “Concept One’s design capabilities, product quality, distribution network and passion for Fred Segal made it a natural fit for our program.”

Global Icons customers include Hostess Brands, Turtle Wax, Betty Boop, US Postal Service, Vespa and Colgate-Palmolive as well as Fred Segal. The licensing agreement with Concept One has been negotiated and will be managed by Los Angeles-based Global Icons.

Fred Segal has five stores; on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, LAX airport, as well as Malibu, Las Vegas and Seoul, South Korea. Another store will open in The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Segal, who founded his company in 1961, died in 2021. He was considered a retail innovator who designed his own collection, collaborated with designers, artists and emerging brands to create unique capsules and enhanced the retail experience with denim bars, boutiques. in-store and immersive experiences.

Founded in 1999, New York-based Concept One Accessories designs and produces licensed cold weather accessories, handbags, backpacks and luggage, and also has offices in Mexico and China as well as a partnership in Canada and a design studio in London. In 2021, FUBU signed with Concept One to produce a range of accessories and distribute the products in physical and online stores. Concept One also recently signed deals with Brooks Brothers; Smoke Rise, a men’s streetwear brand and private label supplier that is part of New World Creation Inc., a Korean American company, and designer Christian Siriano.

Fred Segal uses Concept One to

A rendering of a Fred Segal bag by Concept One for Spring 2023.