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Five looks to wear to a spring wedding


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Cue Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” Remix Featuring Reverend Run; It’s wedding season! It’s that time of year when flowers bloom and nuptials are consumed with champagne and the electric slide. Spring is a popular time for weddings because the weather is perfect and most people take time off from work to enjoy life. Invitations are starting to show up in mailboxes and not only do you need to respond in time, but you also need to find a bold look to rock.

Weddings are nothing more than a party, a meeting and a fashion show rolled into one event. Although the focus is usually on the bride and her gorgeous gown, these days guests should also be turning heads. These days, some weddings have themes and require attendees to wear certain costumes/colors; however, most ceremonies allow their guests complete autonomy over their outfits. Either way, the attire of wedding guests is important – and as an attendee, you should add to the happiness of the day by looking and feeling your best.

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In case you’re not sure what to wear to your next wedding, we’ve got five looks you can take inspiration from. Check out what you should wear to a spring wedding below!

1. Retro Flowers

Float into your next bouquet-like wedding event. You can never go wrong with vintage and florals at a wedding. There’s something about floral looks that lights up your aura. This screams spring wedding attire.

2. Pantsuit

Think outside the box for your next wedding event and throw on a pantsuit. Add a pop of color for a little jazz. A suit will give you the versatility you need to be comfortable and stylish.

3. Vibrant Flowers

Hit them with vibrant florals that go perfectly with the spring weather at your next wedding event. This look is ideal for a backyard or park wedding.

4. Cold Shoulder Look

Do you have an invitation for a destination wedding? Give the other guest the cold shoulder in a pop color one-shoulder look. This look is perfect for that intimate island wedding.

5. Affectionate look

You can never go wrong with a simple, figure-hugging dress for a wedding. Choose a light-colored dress to match the spring-theme. Add bold accessories and pop color lipstick to your ensemble to complete the look.