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Do you bet on sports because the game is on TV or to try and win money? If you are trying to make money, you need to focus on anything where you have an advantage and can make a profit. While everyone is focused on MLB, NFL and college football, Tokyo Brandon and Adam Trigger produced a combined total of + 77.17% (Tokyo Brandon + 39.87%, 58% winning percentage and Adam Trigger + 37.30%, 62% winning percentage) in profit so far this season in the KBO! For a limited time, you can get EVERY KBO game released by both Brandon and Adam via the Korean Series in October for ONLY $ 249, for just $ 124.50 per handicapper, saving you over $ 529!

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WagerTalk’s Select Guarantee option backs your purchase with 100% cap credits. If your pick does not win, the paid cash value of a Guaranteed Pick will be credited back to your account in the form of cap credits valid for a Day Pass or 3 Day Unlimited Access Pass from that handicapper.

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sport Game selection Game time
NFL (461) Los Angeles Chargers to (462) Washington Football Team 1:00 p.m. EDT – September 12, 2021

The game: Washington Football Team -110

Washington (1 p.m. ET CBS) – NFL Week 1 has finally arrived and I’ll be locking my second shot for opening weekend when the Washington soccer team takes on the Los Angeles Chargers at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

I can’t believe we’re now calling the Washington franchise “the football team” but get used to it because you’ll probably hear it a lot from me this season. I bet sparingly on future longs for the season, but one of the games I played was to win the NFC East in Washington. I was all over Washington last year, mainly because of defense, and now WFT comes into this season with a defense that is easily in the top 5 in the league. Washington moved on to quarterback to become veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, who should provide stability and leadership for Washington’s offense. The masses are very high in this Chargers team, probably because Anthony Lynn is gone and it’s the second year for superstar quarterback Justin Herbert, but the Bolts have lost a number of guys in defense and I think it’s a Chargers team that’s going to have a hard time getting stops this season. Washington is the real deal, the Chargers aren’t, and I think it plays out here with a Washington win.

Washington’s defense is loaded, and I don’t think it’s a secret, WFT is elite defensively, but I think Washington’s offense is well underrated at the start of the season. Fitzpatrick probably won’t go to the Pro Bowl, but he’s someone who understands how to do what’s necessary of him and who isn’t going to make a big mistake after a big mistake. Fitzpatrick will also benefit from a solid running game as Antonio Gibson, Jaret Patterson and JD McKissic are all capable and provide options for Washington in the backfield. The receiver will likely be Terry McLaurin, but I think Curtis Samuel is an underrated signing who helps Fitzpatrick and the WFT offense expand the field. Similar to the end of the season last year, Washington’s defense is so good that the offense doesn’t really need to go out and win games, it’s more about maintaining the position on the pitch and not to make the big mistake of losing a game. Washington was doing it with Taylor Heinicke in the middle, Fitzpatrick is definitely an upgrade and if things click offensively for Washington I think it ends up being one of the best “football teams” in the NFC.

Aside from being high on Washington, this game is also a Chargers pennant for me. Obviously, Herbert will be good, but as far as this game goes, the Chargers have to travel to the Eastern time zone for a 1 p.m. kick and Herbert will be tasked with beating one of the best defenses in the world. the league. Los Angeles are weak at linebacker and struggled to stop the run last season, so other than a solid pass rush, I don’t see a lot of redeeming qualities for the Chargers defensively. Joey Bosa and Derwin James are elite individuals in their respective positions, but I think the fact that they’ve become such household names overstates this otherwise mediocre Chargers defensive unit a bit. If Washington is struggling to move the ball, there’s still a good chance the defense will have them in this game. If WFT can get a boost on the line of scrimmage and Fitzpatrick can exploit the weak linebacker corps of the Chargers, I think Washington has a home win without too much of a problem here.

Finally, I think Ron Rivera gives Washington a huge advantage as a coach. I agree with the rest of the world that anyone is an Anthony Lynn upgrade, but Brandon Staley is still a rookie head coach with a team of freshman coaches. Rivera is a veteran head coach and I’ve always believed someone was able to do ‘more with less’ throughout their career, so I think Rivera and Fitzpatrick have the potential to be the perfect match. this season. The Chargers are going to be inconsistent, I think there will be times when Herbert throws himself in and they look great and other times when they look like a team with an inexperienced coach and a young quarterback. The Chargers’ biggest issue will be the ability to get saves, the WFT offensive line is good enough to deter Bosa and the Chargers passing rush and I think Washington is just too good in all phases to lose at home here. Play Washington PK -110 for 4% (or 4 units)

Consultant biography

Adam graduated from Siena College in 2008 with degrees in business management and writing. Adam got a “real job” right out of college at a large insurance company, but soon realized that a traditional office job just wasn’t for him. Adam dreamed of becoming a beat writer for a sports team, but when that didn’t work he looked for an outlet to continue writing about sports and took a side job doing analysis for a disability service. while simultaneously getting a “behind the curtain” look at the sports disability industry. After writing and analyzing games for someone else for a short time, Adam
realized that he had acquired enough knowledge about sports disability to go into business, and he and one of his roommates at Siena College founded Top Flight Sports in 2013. Since then, Adam has only taken over the company and has been selling daily sports selections for the past decade. .

I’m a numbers guy as much as the next handicapper, but there is so much more to sports betting than numbers and power odds. I focus on situational betting and monitor the betting markets on a daily basis. I also watch all the games I bet on and as many other games as I can because I really believe there are things you can’t know that are vital if you don’t watch the teams play. Top Flight Sports has been a profitable business since 2013, and when asked about his biggest success in sports betting, Adam is likely to comment on the fact that he still has a number of clients who have been on the service continuously since. 2013. Adam provides extensive analysis for every move and is thrilled to be a part of WagerTalk


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