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Essential car accessories designed to help you escape any accident or emergency safely!



We spend the majority of our time in our personal cars! We move from place to place, from our home to the office, from the home office, from home to our favorite restaurant and much more. There is always a risk that our car will break down or have some problem or another. In such scenarios, it is essential to have a handy collection of tools that can come to our rescue. From EDCs to nifty accessories, these products will support your car in the best possible way. Clever, portable and highly functional, these designs are sure to deserve a place in your car!

The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring loaded glass breaker tool that helps you perform a quick escape / rescue by instantly shattering a car’s tempered glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out or outside the car trying to save someone inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly smash through panels. tempered glass, allowing you to quickly enter a locked car in an emergency. Tempered glass is exceptionally difficult to pierce by design.

Kono Corporation’s solution to the problem is a simple pairing of two words. Increased visibility. The S.Light, which should be as much a standard carry-on accessory as a car jack or adjustable wrench, is a signaling beacon that lets drivers know there is a broken down vehicle ahead, up to 200 yards away, giving them enough time to react by changing lanes and avoiding a collision, or stopping near you to help you. The S.Light, which stands for Safe-Secure-Signal, is a portable and flexible display panel that uses a rotating LED screen for high visibility at night and a foldable reflector panel during the day. The emergency panel comes with a solid magnetic base and a flexible gooseneck on which the rotating LED module sits.

3.5 times harder than titanium, the strongest metal known to mankind, tungsten carbide is related to black gold in the EDC world. Give any gear a coat of tungsten carbide and it glows black like obsidian rock, with a unique metallic sheen that subtly shines … but more importantly, it makes them virtually invincible, resistant to any kind of external wear. Pair it with Wingback’s exquisitely designed EDC series and you’ve got the ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Designed by Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback’s Black Steel collection offers three products that are both minimalist and functional that are sure to be part of your daily transport. A bullet-sized key cover helps you store emergency cash on your key ring, while a mechanical pen with its large, comfortable design promises to be the last pen you want. never use. Finally, MacLaine’s 100ml hip flask comes with the same cylindrical tower design as the other products in the series.

Your Apple Watch can measure your heart rate and count steps… but can it tighten a bolt or open a screw? Not that it’s something a smartwatch has to do, but this handy wristband + accessory turns your watchband into an EDC utility belt with 29 different tools! The magic is in two parts – the existing Leatherman Tread strap, which packs 29 high-strength stainless steel multi-tools in a portable, travel-friendly strap that fits along your wrist … and the adapter, which transforms the strap. into a bracelet that attaches. to your Apple Watch (or any other smartwatch). Individual bracelet links contain up to 3 tools per module, from flathead screwdrivers to Phillips screwdrivers, a wide range of hex screwdrivers and even an oxygen tank wrench. Made in Portland, Oregon, the Leatherman Tread bracelet brilliantly transforms EDC into something absolutely new, allowing you to wear it on the wrist like almost a fashion accessory … and the bracelet is also built to last, with a huge 25 year warranty.

The main responsibility of a walkie talkie is to be a portable communication device. “Designed to be carried anytime, in different ways”, this walkie talkie can be used in any industry or organization where instant peer-to-peer communication is required and phone signals are unreliable. These would generally include security services, the transportation industry, construction sites, manufacturing and warehouses among a few other sectors. The point is, walkie talkies are easy to use and have surpassed commercial use in the lives of the masses. The smaller versions are especially popular with children. In a more innovative way – to emphasize its transport – Franco Calegari designed a walkie-talkie with the lower half of the device cut into a hollow ring, which can be used to attach a carabiner or in various other ways.

BeSpoke Post sends you an Everything Gear subscription box every month! These exciting EDC boxes are packed with men’s gear, grooming supplies, cooking utensils, stationery and more. You simply take a lifestyle quiz, which will help them better understand you and you so they can send you a box that you will actually like and use! Hand-picked and prepared with precision and care, these boxes are full of great EDC products that you can proudly place on your desk.

With a newly detailed base that features a wide cross-shaped design, increasing its stability, the CrossJack is the same old jack in a slightly new but noticeably safer design, thanks to its stable base. The design of the CrossJack makes you wonder why car-jacks don’t already have wide bases. Its redesign is simple but effective. A set of foldable plates are found at the bottom of the CrossJack which opens into a wide cross, giving the jack a base spaced at four points. This larger footprint prevents the car from being accidentally knocked off the jack and landing on the ground, injuring anyone who might be working on it. The modified design of the CrossJack sports a base nearly half an inch thick and made of stainless steel, giving it a sturdy sturdiness that makes the jack safer than most. When you’re done, the jack folds up to take up exactly the same space as any regular jack.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, the Norshire Mini has very compelling reasons to make it your essential in-car equipment. The shape of the cylinder earns it the required brownie points, as that is what makes it easy to store. It houses a small OLED screen and a capacitive touch, to make it easy to use. The display shows the current tire pressure and then the setting with which you want to inflate the tire. Some of the intuitive features include a built-in microcomputer that measures tire pressure when hooked to a tire.

The Gerber Armbar Slim Drive has just the screwdriver, bottle opener, and a sharp blade – giving it a very slim profile – no more than a full-size writing instrument. This gives you the practical freedom to take it with you anytime (literally anytime in the real world) as opposed to other thick, heavy EDCs that you at most consider carrying in your backpack – no. in your pocket. The advantage here is the specialized function that will help you get through whatever you need. The multi-tool is designed to give you substantial gripping power while cutting with the blade and driving or lifting the screwdriver tool. On top of that, the frame lock holds the tool firmly when cutting through difficult objects or in weird self-defense situations while walking down the alley on a dark night. The form factor of the whole tool reinforces the elegance of the design, with a falcon shape when folded giving it more strength and character.

Designed to allow you to have electricity wherever you go, the Enervision 200 comes with a 220V AC outlet, a 19V3A outlet, two USB ports and a Type-C port. To give you an idea of ​​the kind of heavy loads the EnerVision 200 is capable of, it can fully charge your phone up to 30 times, or even your laptop up to 4 times. A power indicator lets you know how much battery capacity the EV200 has left, and it even contains a flashlight on one end for good measure. The big brother of the EV200, the EV450 offers even more. Built with a 120,000mAh (444Wh) battery, the EV450 can charge a laptop 8 times and even has enough power to run a desktop computer for 4 hours. It also contains a car starter, a cigarette lighter socket (like those found in cars) and even has 3 DC 12V outputs, in addition to the USB ports and the AC 220V socket point. Weighing just 7.9 lbs, the EV 450 even comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry.



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