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Emil Michael explains why branding is important

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Emil Michael is synonymous with some of the most powerful brands in the world. Uber, Gopuff, Revolut – the tech mogul has all been in on this. In 1999, before Alexa and before Siri, Emil Michael was senior vice president of field operations at TellMe Networks, which he helped grow into a $100 million+ company sold to Microsoft in 2007. is where Emil Michael says he learned how to transform business models.

Always eager to share his wisdom and mentor budding entrepreneurs, he spoke about the importance of branding at the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit.

According to Emil Michael, it boils down to a few simple questions. “Can you deliver a product that people love and make a profit for your investors?” Emil Michael asks. “Can this be a cultural, iconic enterprise? »

Emil Michael suggests clearly defining the core value of what you are trying to provide. “It’s about getting back to first principles,” Michael told Malaysian news channel Astro Awani. “Then you come back to what regulatory, legal and financial environment can support that.”

In the field of technology, Emil Michael says: “If you don’t innovate, you fall back. the CEO of DPCM Capital recommends focusing on long-term thinking and taking big, bold bets. He says it’s about continually seeking new ideas and developing new relationships.

“It’s a long-term vision,” Emil Michael told the 24-hour newscast. “You have a percentage of your budget allocated to research and development. Companies like Amazon and Google have their core business and they have verified moon shots. Always keep an eye on the long term.

Michael is a sought-after voice in the tech world and he says he is often invited to speak at universities and conferences, offering his career advice and business advice, and appears in national media to discuss the moves. and market trends.

Emil Michael looks back on the days before starting a big business

“I was born in Egypt and my parents immigrated to the United States and I was grateful to grow up in a place that valued what I could do as opposed to where I came from,” says Emil Michael. “I was lucky to have a good family and to go to good schools where I had the opportunity to do what I wanted. My parents were scientists.

His training led him to graduate from Harvard University and Stanford Law School. Although he started his career at Goldman Sachs, he says he quickly realized he wanted to shake things up in Silicon Valley. It’s also where the late leadership coach Bill Campbell mentored the former Uber No. 2.

“The one thing I would say to other entrepreneurs that has always served me well is to be resilient,” Emil Michael told Astro Awani. “When you get knocked down, get up. I think opportunity will find you if you’re willing to find it yourself.

Emil Michael says having ambition with a vision is also key to successful branding and innovators are always thinking about the next product sets.

“Design [in such a way to] being able to do all the other things that you plan to do over time,” Emil Michael said in a lecture at the University of Miami.

While at Uber, he says what made the brand successful in other countries was basically making the company a citizen brand in those countries. “When entering a new market, you have to teach people to use [your service or product], when to use it and why it is valuable,” he told Astro Awani. “You go to a new town and people say, ‘What is it and why do I need it?’ Then you let it out into the wild and see how people use it.

The difficulty of entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship is a nice word and everyone wants to use it, but what does it mean?” he told Astro Awani. “Being an entrepreneur is not just about finding ideas. It is also knowing how to execute them and it is often very complex. There is a technical component that works with governments, stakeholders, [and] investors, so being able to learn all of these disciplines is what really separates entrepreneurs from people with ideas.

Emil Michael says he’s still incubating his next big idea and focusing on branding that could take that idea to the next level. Forming partnerships is also a crucial part of branding, according to the tech-savvy executive.

Overseeing various partnerships throughout his career, Emil Michael was able to solidify partnerships with brands such as American Express, Toyota and AT&T.

“Do a real partnership or not at all,” he recently told the hosts of Operators, an Apple podcast.