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Elevate your everyday look with these exquisite accessories


Scorching heat, humidity, and inadequate weather conditions could force you to choose simple cotton clothes every day. But the daily drag of cotton and simple clothes could drastically tarnish your fashion statement. You’re afraid ? Don’t worry, we have exquisite accessories for you to enhance your everyday look. Now you can look chic with simplicity at its best.

1. Classic Watch and Bracelet Set

Empty wrists are not very popular with contemporary audiences. Women love to sport bracelets, kadas, bracelets, etc., but they are in deep trouble when it comes to watches. This Classic Watch and Bracelet Set has solved stylistic issues with watches as well as bracelets or bracelets. It comes with a set of kada bracelets and thin bands to enhance your everyday look.

Price: Rs. 2295

Offer: Rs. 1147

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2. Multilayer Collar

Multi-layered necklaces are all the rage because they have the power to turn your everyday look from dull to fabulous in seconds. This multi-layered necklace has four chains that fall elegantly. It is gentle on the skin and perfect for everyday use.


Price: Rs. 1499

Offer: Rs. 191

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3. Geometric hoop earrings

Creole earrings are here to stay. Whether circular, triangular, square, star, these hoops deserve a place in your earring organizers. No look is complete without a pair of earrings. Define the dangling statements of your earring by posting it daily.


Price: Rs. 3060

Offer: Rs. 384

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4. Vintage Rings

Rings are one of those pieces of jewelry that maximizes the glory of women with style. Vintage rings have entered the fashion accessory market and have no remarks of a comeback. These rings with micro silver plating can match any western or ethnic outfit. Put them in the fingers and show them like your long fingernails.


Price: Rs. 1999

Offer: Rs. 179

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5. Elegant Multilayer Gold Plated Crystal Bracelet

Don’t like empty wrists? The stylish multi-layered gold-plated crystal bracelet will easily take your worries away. This set of bracelets contains 5 stylish bracelets suitable for everyday use. It adds the missing style to your everyday look.


Price: Rs. 1499

Offer: Rs. 239

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Accessories are essential. Whether for everyday wear or for parties, trendy and stylish accessories manage to make every woman a fashionista. These fashionable exquisite accessory pieces are a must have for a perfect transformation of your everyday boring look.

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