Home Luggage Edinburgh Airport: Firefighters respond to lift luggage at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport: Firefighters respond to lift luggage at Edinburgh Airport


The airport, which is struggling to replace paid workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, is said to have redeployed 140 workers to other roles, including shifts in the security and baggage halls, in a bid to keep queues moving and ensure travelers don’t miss flights.

According to the airport, fire crews are redeployed during their shifts and others are paid extra to come outside of their regular hours.

It is believed that while firefighters are on duty working in the baggage area, not all of them are on duty – this means crews will be ready to respond to an emergency should an emergency arise.

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There are concerns about the help of firefighters in the baggage area of ​​Edinburgh Airport

This duplication of roles worries the unions at the airport.

Unite said he was glad plane fires were rare, but it’s not ideal to have firefighters working in the baggage area – taking them away from their normal duties, which also include training health and safety and first aid coverage.

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Edinburgh Airport will share regular security queue waiting times – how it works…

Edinburgh Airport has tried to recruit more staff after paying nearly a third of its workforce.

This shortage of staff has led to long queues for security checks at Edinburgh Airport.

To compensate for these problems, members of the airport’s management team are now participating in a voluntary program called Here to Help, which aims to fill jobs lost during the pandemic.

Although they admit it’s ‘less than ideal’, the management team say they have used security staff in the past to help manage queues, help pick up trays or perform various other tasks that do not require specialized training.

They added that the fire department helping to move the luggage was just “extra pairs of hands to help the whole process run”.

The airport said passenger safety has not been compromised, adding that it will have full staff by the end of July when new hires are fully trained and cleared by the Authority. civil aviation and government to start their new positions.