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E-commerce start-up Niiyaa to showcase artisans’ work globally


Niiyaa, the brainchild of Aditi Tewari and Anurag Shrivastava, is dedicated to building a large Indian and international community of designers and consumers in the luxury craftsmanship space. Founded in 2021, Niiyaa now has over 500 artisans across India to bring handicrafts on their e-commerce platform with a vision to bring textiles with optimum utility and quality to a wide audience in the world in order to transform artisans into a brand in itself. They plan to expand this and reach over 1000 artisans in the coming years and later aim to become a platform for any artisan around the world. The company’s mission is to showcase the work of artisans globally and improve the lives of the artisan community.

Niiyaa brings art from remote corners of the world, from the mesmerizing garments of Marrakech to the Kalamkari panels of Srikalahasti, hand-woven Bhujodi panels embellished with Bandhani and Rabari embroidery. Adorned with the finest forms of art, the sounds and sights of the intriguing desert are brought to life in each beautifully unique, artisan-crafted packaging. Then there’s Jamdani, warm woolens and a plethora of products. “All collections are a unique interpretation of the essence of the brand. Niiyaa is soon launching various product categories such as stoles, scarves, kaftans, shrugs, handbags, jewelry, coats, dresses, jackets, among others. Each handmade piece has a story to tell, a story of their tradition, of their history, of the emotions they carry while producing the piece. The list is endless. Our team of in-house designers work hard with artisans to craft a one-of-a-kind product. We also managed to reach the right audience based in the US, Canada, UAE and parts of Europe,” said Anurag Shrivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of Niiyaa.

“We ventured into the craft world and consumers around the world with over 15 iconic craft products. Our artisans get their fair share long before the product reaches the consumer and therefore their healthy monetization is well ahead. In fact, Niiyaa takes the risk of carrying inventory, to ensure that our artisan partners are isolated from market fluctuations and monetized well in advance. A sad but true fact is that when buying a handmade product, a consumer very rarely knows the story behind the handmade product. Thus, a very large percentage of consumers do not realize the extent of the skill, hard work and passion that is invested in a particular craft. To make sure we can support this community, we continue to travel and absorb ideas and inspiration from everywhere and we’re in it for the longer term,” said Aditi Tewari, Founder of Niiyaa. They invest generously in beautiful photography and in social and digital marketing in various ways. Their monetization happens when the product is sold in the marketplace, either on their channel or through their partners. At the moment, they are more focused on reaching the right consumers and creating awareness for the Niiyaa brand.

Niiyaa was live in the midst of the pandemic and this experience added to their journey which had its ups and downs. However, they acquired a great amount of learning at each stage. Speaking on the marketing plans, Anurag said that they initially started with digital marketing on the most popular digital platforms and will continue to do so with more focus and refinement with their past learnings and experiences. . Additionally, they plan to engage in other forms of marketing channels such as influencers and offline channels in the near future.

“Over the past few years, several platforms have come online focusing on this space, but scaling these businesses globally has its share of pain and loss, both in terms geographic as well as financial. We also strongly believe that it is our duty to build a sustainable world for our next generation and the shift to slow fashion and handmade products is one of them. In today’s world, high quality handmade products with modern language are still not so accessible to the world,” Aditi said.

The brand also works with manufacturers from Asian countries to Africa and all countries in between. Over the next few years, the founders want to make Niiyaa the largest platform for highly organized fine craftsmanship belonging to the most remote places on the planet and reaching any continent, to a user base who truly believe to human relations. They are very positive about working for this cause and see huge potential in this area.