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Dupont’s Basement Brings “Awesome Flea Market” to Dupont Underground


Dupont’s Basement in Dupont’s Basement brings a whole new meaning to basement shopping.

Jason Fraley from OMCP presents Dupont’s basement (part 1)

You’ve heard of basement bargains, but Dupont Circle gives it new meaning.

This Sunday, discover Dupont’s basement at the Dupont metro from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“It’s going to be a great flea market,” producer David Ross told WTOP. “I had a market there in January 2020 called ‘Below Zero’. It was the first market really done there. About 500 people came and it went very well, so I wanted to come back to Dupont.

Entrance is at the intersection of 19th Street, New Hampshire and Massachusetts avenues.

“It’s right next to Starbucks on 19th Street,” producer David Ross told WTOP. “It will be at the platform level, which is approximately 15,000 square feet. This is where we’re going to have vendors selling all kinds of items from vintage clothing, collectibles, arts, candy.

A total of 18 vendors will open a boutique to sell arts, crafts and handmade goods.

“Sweets by Shy makes amazing banana pudding,” Ross said. “A great painter Eduardo comes with 40 very eclectic pieces. … The Future of What sells vintage items from Kelly Queener of Richmond. … Xolo Books, an independent bookstore [targeting] people of color. … Made it for You is a guy who makes bikes. Vintage of the capital [sells] vintage clothing.

Ross also operates a similar market across the river in Arlington, Virginia.

“I do a weekly market in Arlington called the National Landing Market,” Ross said. “First we were at plaza level at 220 South 20th Street, but we moved to 21 Crystal Drive. … We were there every Saturday to sell… leather goods, handbags, handbags, accessories.

He insists it’s more expensive than a typical flea market or craft fair.

“It is all encompassing,” Ross said. “The most appropriate term would be almost like a bazaar, an international market. If you’ve ever been to a foreign market, you see anything and everything selling and people trading anything and everything.

No matter where he is, he is amazed at the products people are offering.

“I am continually impressed with the creativity of the people of the region,” said Ross. “You never know who is in your yard until you start doing these things. Old, young, all walks of life really do creative stuff, so I really want to show it more.

Jason Fraley from OMCP presents Dupont’s basement (part 2)

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