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Doing business with ‘honesty, integrity’ | News, Sports, Jobs


– Messenger photo by Britt Kudla

Nate Gibson took over full ownership of Access Audio and Accessories in 2009.

Even after 20 years in business, Access Audio and Accessories still likes to ask, “Who U Rollin’ With?”

The popular catchphrase has been attached to Nate Gibson and Tony Blomberg ever since they opened the oversized door at 500 First Ave. S. at Fort Dodge.

For the duo, the decision was “a bit like the others” according to Gibson.

“I always wanted my own store and was unhappy with the direction and future of my employer at the time,” he said. “I was expressing my disapproval when I was presented with the opportunity to partner with a very successful local business and open my dream, while benefiting from 65 years of business experience.

“And with that, a division of Daniel Tire Company – Access Audio and Accessories – was born in 2002.”

– Messenger photo by Britt Kudla

Access Audio and Accessories owner Nate Gibson calls Tony Blomberg, pictured, his “right hand and store assistant”.

Seven years later, Gibson, a graduate of Fort Dodge Senior High School, took over full ownership of the company which provides mobile audio, video, remote start and security, radar detectors and monitoring. vehicles, while adding “pretty much any 12 volt electronic device.”

They are also continually looking for the next “this” thing on the stage.

“We continue to look forward to future trends for vehicle integration as new vehicles advance and smartphone security and connectivity expand,” said Gibson. “Adding modern features to older vehicles is also a daily service.

“Car, boat, truck, bike, UTV or whatever gets you going on the road, we have something for you. That’s why we ask, ‘Who U Rollin’ With?’

And two decades later, they still enjoy doing what they do every day.

“Every new business starts with hope and a vision”, said Gibson. “After 20 years of providing services in the region, Tony and I can still come to Access and do what we love.”

They are also key suppliers to local police and public service vehicles, while always remembering “to deliver the same high level of customer satisfaction and outcome regardless of the product we work with.”

Gibson calls Blomberg, also a graduate of FDSH, his “right-hand man and magician of the shop.”

“He’s been with me since day one,” he added. “His dedication to the same vision of doing business with honesty and integrity has given us the success and longevity we have enjoyed.

“Tony has become a highly regarded and nationally recognized 12 volt technician. Our knowledge/expertise in vehicle remote starts and control allows us vision and partnerships not only at the installation level, but also in manufacturing and beta testing for several large companies.

“We continue to be leaders in audio for any mode of transportation or recreational use.”

You can find more information online at accessaudiofd.com or by searching Access Audio and Accessories on Facebook.

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