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Devil-Dog Dungarees Adds Spring Hoodies and Accessories – Sourcing Journal


After rebooting their legacy brand in 2019, Devil-Dog Dungarees have been in the fast lane.

With denim as its base, the brand offers men six cuts (slim, slim tapered, slim straight, athletic, bootcut and casual boot) and 24 washes. Shortly after its relaunch, the General Sportwear-owned men’s heritage brand launched a wholesale portal in Project Las Vegas, began appearing in department stores like Nordstrom, and successfully weathered a global pandemic, all while donating $100,000 to its longtime partner, the non-profit Veterans Wounded Warrior Project.

Now he’s continuing his expansion with a new collection for spring that includes all the sustainable jeans, chambray tops and denim jackets he’s known for and more. The addition of hoodies, sweatshirts, pocket tees and leather accessories such as belts and wallets pushes Devil-Dog Dungarees into new product categories. Chinos and “weekend shorts” in a range of spring colors from mineral blue to wall olive round out the collection, which sells for between $28 and $79.

The company announced upcoming plans for 2022, including its expansion into large and tall sizes, which customers can expect to find in June. Expansion has been a key focus for the brand, which appointed senior design director Zulu Williams in 2021 to focus on these efforts and oversee all aspects of the design process.

The brand has come a long way since 1948, when Louis Rosenstock launched it under the slogan “Tough as a Marine!” to honor the United States Armed Forces – a major customer of his previous company, apparel manufacturer General Sportwear. About 20 years after Devil-Dog Dungarees debuted, the brand was suspended indefinitely so that Rosenstock could focus on the manufacturing company.

Today, Rosenstock’s grandchildren, Jeff and David Rosenstock, lead the brand with a commitment to upholding the brand’s military heritage while catering to a new generation of men, as evidenced by its tailored cuts. , its colorful chinos and its timeless designs.

“We originally launched Devil-Dog Dungarees on our DTC website. One of the reasons for this was to develop a direct line of communication with our primary customer,” said Jeff, President and Owner of Devil-Dog Manufacturing Co. “The feedback has been invaluable as we have expanded our selection of cuts, of denim fabrics and washes. , and as we added casual bottoms, chinos and shorts. The desire for additional products we received from our customers and retail partners also inspired us to consider other Devil-Dog categories such as t-shirts, tops, jackets and accessories. Essentially, the brand told us what we needed and we listened. »