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‘Dangerous offender’ snatched woman’s purse as she sat outside cafe with friends


A man qualified by a dangerous offender judge attempted to grab a woman’s purse as she sat outside a cafe having lunchtime coffee with friends.

Marc Morgan and his victim were involved in a “tug-of-war” as the woman refused to let go of her bag – resistance that left her with an injured shoulder.

The attempted robbery on a busy street in Swansea was the culmination of a string of offenses which saw the accused make his way through commercial property and then severely punch a man in the face as he stood in front of a store while waiting for his girlfriend.

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Sending the 38-year-old to jail, a judge said he was convinced Morgan posed a risk to the public and should be given an extended sentence as a dangerous offender – but it was a sentence he was not able to tax properly in this case. .

Swansea Crown Court has learned that Morgan’s latest wave of infractions began on the evening of November 4 last year, when he made his way into Halford’s garage on New Cut Road in Swansea.

Dean Pulling, a prosecution, said a passer-by heard loud banging and the sound of shattered glass coming from the building and when he looked he saw a figure knocking on the doors of the reception area with a large object. The witness called the police, then saw the intruder walk through the smashed front door of the property.

The court heard that police quickly arrived at the scene, but not before the burglar escaped. However, the witness was able to give officers a description of the intruder and a man matching that description – now known to be Morgan – was found near the Morgan Hotel in the Maritime Quarter shortly after. In his interview, the accused denied being responsible for the burglary and said he was elsewhere at the time. His shoes were seized for testing and he was released under investigation.

The court heard that crime scene investigators later recovered Halford’s DNA, as well as marks made by trainers on an interior door that had apparently been knocked repeatedly. Mr Pulling said those two forensic findings would ultimately be linked to Morgan, but the results did not come until after she launched an “unprovoked” attack on a man he knew in the town center from Swansea.

The court heard that on April 30, 2021, Morgan punched a man in the face as he was waiting for his girlfriend outside the Savers pharmacy on Oxford Street – the blow knocked the man to the ground and the left with several fractures to the cheek, jaw and eye sockets.

Police began searching for Morgan, and a week later officers forced entry into a house in Waun Wen in Swansea and found the accused hiding in a cupboard. He then gave an “no comment” interview. The next day the accused was charged with both the burglary – forensic test results having arrived – and the Oxford Street assault, and he appeared in Swansea Magistrates’ Court where he was held. pleaded not guilty and was released on bail pending trial.

The snatch took place at lunchtime on September 21, still in the city center.

The Dolphin Hotel in Swansea town center

Mr Pulling said the victim, who worked at a local store, was sitting at a table outside the Dolphin Hotel on Whitewalls having coffee with friends when she began to be suspicious of ‘a man approaching them on the busy street. Anticipating that something was going to happen, she grabbed her purse, and moments later Morgan dove in and tried to pull it off. The prosecutor said a “tug-of-war” ensued, with the accused “growling” as he attempted to take possession of the bag. Eventually the straps of the bag snapped and Morgan fled to St Mary’s Church empty-handed. Police officers patrolling the city center rushed to the scene and the accused was found 15 minutes later near High Street station.

Marc John Morgan, of Waun Wen Road, Waun Wen, Swansea, had previously pleaded guilty to homeless burglary, causing grievous bodily harm and attempted theft while showing up at the dock via video link for sentencing.

He has already been convicted of 114 offenses, including robberies – committed when he was only 13 years old – numerous assaults and a total of 38 burglaries, including 33 for commercial burglaries. In 2014, he was jailed for four years and eight months for assault with intent to steal and possession of a knife for an offense which saw him grab a lone woman walking in the Uplands from behind and tackle her. on the ground before biting his hand. . The woman suffered cuts to her wrists in the attack.

Andrew Evans, for Morgan, said the accused undertook the 12-step drug addiction program while in custody, and said it was to be hoped that upon his eventual release into the community he would have “the means” to. make sure he wouldn’t come back. to his previous lifestyle.

Swansea Crown Court
Swansea Crown Court

Judge Christopher Vosper QC said he had read a pre-sentence report on the accused which concluded that he posed a risk to the public and should be classified as a dangerous offender – a finding with which he agreed.

However, he stated that given the sentence he was able to pass for the offenses in court, he was unable to impose an extended sentence on grounds of dangerousness – such an extended sentence cannot be pronounced only if an accused is sentenced to four years or more. .

With postponements for his guilty pleas, Morgan was sentenced to four months for the burglary, 15 months for the GBH and 32 months for the attempted theft – the sentences of 15 and 32 months will be executed consecutively making 47 four months, while the four months will run simultaneously. The accused will serve up to half of the 47 months in detention before being released on license to serve the rest in the community.

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