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Dallas Cowboys swap ‘rumor’: Trysten Hill vs. Patriots – Reuters


FRISCO – Even after the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves lean along the line of defense, especially when it comes to experienced players. But that doesn’t mean dominant players aren’t expendable. Especially if it means a chance to strengthen the attack.

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A trade was recently offered by a national news outlet that could ship a Cowboys defensive deal with Trysten Hill to the New England Patriots in exchange for wide N’Keal Harry.

The proposed trade – far from being a ‘rumour’ – means it will benefit both groups.

It’s no secret that the Cowboys likely want to add a veteran wide receiver after Amari Cooper’s absence through the trade with the Cleveland Browns, mostly in exchange for a can of beans.

Even after adding James Washington to free company and drafting Jalen Tolbert in the third round of this year’s draft, Dallas could benefit from the experience on the sidelines. Especially when you think of the youth present in the large reception hall.

In exchange for Harry, the Patriots would get Hill and could fill an area of ​​need on the home defense line.

Sounds good on paper, right? But that is surely not the case. It’s pretty ridiculous, really.

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The proposal says, “…a trade between Dallas and New England might be the right approach to add to those areas while also transferring two players who want a change of pace…”

While it’s entirely possible for each player to benefit from a change in environment, it’s more likely that none of the players can be of any help to their new team.

Hill has always been an underachiever with the Cowboys and is currently ranked second on the depth chart for good defense. And when given alternatives to start with, he didn’t really shine.

In 2021, Hill recorded just seven tackles, three assists and a sack, earning an overall rating of 65.3 from Pro Football Focus. Why would Patriots coach Invoice Belichick be curious about an underperforming player like Hill?

While we’re on the subject of underperformance, Harry hasn’t exactly been a New England manufacturing machine. Entering his fourth year in the league, Harry has racked up just 598 full yards on just 57 catches on 103 targets since 2019.

That doesn’t sound like the veteran management the Cowboys are looking for in wide receiver. Much less, a player who could help Dallas reach the next level in the playoffs. PFF gave Harry a rating of just 69.1 for his 2021 season which included 12 catches on 21 targets for just 184 yards and no touchdowns.

The only possible approach that both teams would benefit from this trade is if it is a last ditch effort by each group to get “something for nothing” instead of just releasing players outright .

But even then, it just seems like buying and selling your downside for another person’s downside.

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