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CLMBR Unveils Bala Accessories in New Custom Color, Available Exclusively at CLMBR.com | Colorado


DENVER, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CLMBR, a leader in connected fitness technology, today announced that it has partnered with Bala, creator of weighted bracelets and functional fitness accessories to offer the company’s products in a new color, CLMBR Pantone Blue, exclusively on CLMBR website. Through this collaboration, Bala weights will also be integrated with CLMBR instructor-led fitness content to help users maximize their workouts on and off the connected CLMBR machine.

Bala bracelets are available at one or two pounds each and can be worn around the wrists or ankles to add consistent yet comfortable resistance to workout activities. The Power Ring is available at ten pounds and designed to replace the kettlebell. It can be used in over 75 different movements to increase strength, agility, endurance, and balance.

“Our trainers have found unique ways to incorporate both the Bala Bracelets and the Power Ring into effective exercises both on and off the CLMBR that will help users achieve their fitness goals,” he said. declared Christa dellebovi, director of training and education at CLMBR. “Not only are Bala weights functional and efficient, they also look great! We are excited to be working with Bala and look forward to users seeing the many ways we have incorporated props into our routines. “

“At CLMBR, our goal is to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine,” said Avrum Elmakis, CEO of CLMBR. “CLMBR users can easily add workout gear from some of the industry’s best-known brands to their workouts, and we are excited to partner with Bala. We look forward to working with them to bring new accessories to the table. fans of both brands can use and enjoy. “

Bala Bangles and The Power Ring will be featured in on-demand fitness content led by a CLMBR instructor. On the connected CLMBR machine, users can choose from programming that includes both guided and free climbing and can add Bala bracelets for added resistance. Outside of the machine, users can choose from a variety of classes through the CLMBR app and incorporate Bala accessories into those extra sessions for boot camp training and more.

“We are delighted to be working with the visionary team at CLMBR,” said Max Kislevitz, co-founder of Bala. “CLMBR and Bala are the perfect combination – functionally and aesthetically. Now climbers can use Bala bracelets to intensify their every move.”

The CLMBR is an ergonomic and innovative climbing machine. It’s the first vertical climber to feature a full-size touchscreen with on-demand instructor-led lessons. CLMBR’s patent pending design has high quality construction, low maintenance required, and is easy to move, making it perfect for commercial or home use. The machine is beautiful with an open structural design that leaves the view of the user unobstructed, promoting a natural athletic posture. It also offers the latest user interface technology and a cutting edge companion app that delivers on-demand climbing lessons and displays key metrics to maximize the user experience, including climbed vertical feet and goals. training they have achieved. The integrated audio on CLMBR Connected can fill any space, making it feel like a rock climbing lesson in the studio. Unlike traditional climbing machines, the CLMBR reaches new heights and is ideal for any modern user. With zero impact, the machine is safe for most ages and ability levels. To pre-order and learn more, please visit www.clmbr.com.

Bala is a splash of color in the fitness world. With the rise of Bala Bangles, with the introduction of The Power Ring, Bala bars, and Bala beam, Bala redefines the atmosphere of home training product by product. Every Bala product is created at the intersection of form and function, fitness and fashion. In 2019, Bala struck a shark deal with Mark Cuban and Maria sharapova as investors and have since grown into an international movement recognized by prestigious media outlets such as Vogue, Forbes, Refinery29, InStyle and Marie Claire.

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