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Christmas shopping: shop super early, according to toy retailers


SASKATOON – Due to supply chain issues, retailers are warning Christmas shoppers to buy earlier than usual, otherwise they will be left with empty shelves for popular items this holiday season.

Lori Parker, co-owner of Treasure Island Toys store in Toronto, told CTV News her advice was, “Buy now.”

While her store is currently full of popular items, such as bubble toys or squeezable noodles, she is seeing the first signs that things will change in the coming weeks.

Already, he was told that some toys could no longer be ordered.

And while shipments from other suppliers have poured in, delays have been much more frequent than in previous years. For example, an order she placed two months ago for a popular doll has yet to come up, when it would normally only have taken two weeks.

Doug Putman, owner of Toys “R” Us Canada and founder of Putman Investments, said his company has already placed larger product orders than usual this year.

“Every year hot toys sell out, and so this year is even worse,” he told CTV News, adding that he urges parents to start buying now, especially if they have something specific in mind.

Karen Micallef is one of those parents who heard the message loud and clear.

“It’s early – we just heard about the toy shortage. So I just wanted to do my shopping before going to the store and [it] running out of articles, ”she told CTV News.


Experts said the pandemic has resulted in a reduction in the number of people working in ports and factories, so companies have since struggled to fully resume operations.

This has led to a bottleneck in the global transportation pipeline, creating problems for hundreds of industries. Experts have already said that besides toys, items that will be harder to find in the coming months include furniture and appliances; clothing, handbags and shoes; as well as winter tires.

Persistent supply chain problems have led to major toy retailers and manufacturers taking a heavy financial hit. Hasbro said disruptions to the global supply chain cost them around US $ 100 million in lost toy orders in the third quarter.

But perhaps a silver lining for some of these companies is that when it comes to holiday shopping, a recent poll suggested that Canadians should return to pre-pandemic levels.

The Retail Council of Canada survey found that Canadians say they will spend a lot more on their purchases and visit more physical stores in the coming months.

But don’t expect last-minute deals that usually fall closer to the holidays, warns an expert.

“We anticipate that due to some supply chain issues some of these discounts may be more difficult to find,” Andrew Wagner, spokesperson for the Canadian Toy Association, told CTV News.


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