Home Accessories Check out the best MagSafe compatible accessories at CES 2022

Check out the best MagSafe compatible accessories at CES 2022


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With CES 2022 in the exam mirror, we’re bringing you the best MagSafe compatible accessories we’ve tested at the annual tech fair.

Hyper 4-in-1 charger

Kicking off our list was Hyper’s next 4-in-1 wireless charging stand. This was announced before CES, launched as a Kickstarter like Hyper is inclined to do. CES was our first chance to try the device for ourselves. The company also said Appleinsider that instead of the Qi Magnetic Charger they advertised in the campaign, they plan to use an official MFi MagSafe Washer instead in the final product.

This means they are upgrading MagSafe charging to 15W, up from 7.5W, and will be certified by Apple. The MagSafe Washer can swivel up and down to adjust the viewing angle, making it a great desktop companion.

Besides the MagSafe and Apple Watch charging modules, there is a flat Qi charging cradle and a smaller Qi charger designed for AirPods.

The new MagSafe Hyper 4-in-1 charger

The charger has two inputs. There is both a standard DC barrel connector input and a more common USB-C PD input.

For travel, the metal stand can fold flat with the base for easy storage in your travel bag. It feels high end, with solid weight and a metal body. The hardware combined with official Apple components will make this a very popular booth.


Handl arrives for PopSockets. This sleek accessory was previously connected to your iPhone with an adhesive, but two new versions now rely, in part, on Apple’s magnetic connection system.

The HANDL handle for MagSafe

The HANDL handle for MagSafe

Each Handl handle connects to MagSafe and has a small suction cup in the center that sits atop the Apple logo on the iPhone. The frosted back doesn’t allow micro-suction to stick on pro iPhones, but the Apple logo is polished. This makes it the perfect location for added adhesive for a reliable grip.

With Handl on your iPhone, you can keep a better grip on the device or support it horizontally for watching videos. There are two MagSafe versions – one round, one rectangular – each with many styles.


Known for the LineDock, Line has come out with its latest accessory for iPhone – the LineStand.

LineStand for MagSafe

LineStand for MagSafe

The LineStand is a rudimentary way to power your equipment that simultaneously frees up desk space. This is a CNC aluminum block that will house your Apple Watch and MagSafe washers. A standard VESA mount is used to hold the LineStand easily positioned above your desk, next to your monitor.

We like the look of the LineStand, and Line tells us they’re exploring the possibility of fully integrating the washers for a future model rather than requiring users to supply theirs.

Moft smart office mat

Moft’s Smart Desk Mat does a lot of things. You can use it flat on your desk like a notepad, you can use it as a bulletin board to hold notes, papers or books, or you can use it as a laptop stand.

Moft smart office mat

Moft smart office mat

There are many small magnetic components for various use cases: cable organizers, book clips, and iPad stands. Two integrated NFC chips can control smart home automation via Siri shortcuts.

Magnetic Charger on Moft Smart Desk Mat

Magnetic Charger on Moft Smart Desk Mat

The MagSafe Compatible Magnetic Qi Charger is the star of the show. This Qi charger is very slim and can be placed anywhere on the surface of the Moft Smart desk mat. It is powered by a USB-C cable, routed to the side with magnetic cable organizers.


Scosche has a slew of new MagSafe gear that it demonstrated at CES 2022. We got a first look at the devices, but the company had to forgo its in-person presentation due to Covid issues.

Scosche BaseLynx MagSafe Module

Scosche BaseLynx MagSafe Module

We were big fans of the Scosche BaseLynx when it first started. It is a modular charging station that allows users to create the charger that suits their needs, choosing between wireless chargers, mounts or Apple Watch chargers. The company adds to this list of modules with new MagSafe support.

This holder will fit your existing MagSafe washer, and the cable can be tucked away for a clean appearance. It connects to all existing BaseLynx modules and is available in white.

There are also a few car mounts that will debut in 2022. The Scosche MagSafe Air Vent Mount clips onto your vehicle’s air vents and hinged to position your phone on its side, preventing air from being blocked or your phone from overheating when heat is circulating. .

Finally, there is a pair of MagSafe mounts that stay stable by attaching to your dashboard / windshield or sliding into an available cup holder.


Pout is a little-known brand that will bring more of its products to the United States in 2022. The Eyes 14 monitor stand was on display at CES 2022.

pouting eyes 14

Pout Eyes 14 support

This desk accessory can support your monitor, leaving room underneath to store your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. They’re lit by built-in RGB lighting, which is a plus or minus depending on your perspective.

On the right side of the stand is additional I / O for your Mac, including USB-C ports, USB-A ports, and a pair of card readers. Finally, a MagSafe-compatible magnetic iPhone holder on the front will charge your iPhone while you work.


UVCeed UV sterilizing lamp

UVCeed UV sterilizing lamp

The UVCeed Card is a unique MagSafe accessory used to sterilize surfaces. It’s thin, barely thick enough to accommodate the USB-C power input. MagSafe keeps it on the back of your iPhone, which can be controlled from the accompanying app.

UVCeed application

UVCeed application

The app relies on augmented reality to help sterilize the surfaces in front of you. Moving the camera will overlay colored circles on the surface to indicate what has already been sterilized. The circles will darken depending on how long the light stays in one spot.

Then it will give you a summary of the average number of germs you killed, including COVID.

For protection, the application will detect human skin to prevent UV damage.

Rolling Square

Rolling square frame

Rolling Square Car Holder

Rolling Square has a simple yet vital MagSafe accessory. The company has launched a new MagSafe car holder that can be attached using the adhesive on the back.

Rather than being plastic, this holder is a sturdy metal washer with a silicone outer surface to prevent your phone from sliding freely.


Average speaker

The Liddle Bluetooth speaker

Next we have Liddle’s speaker. This miniature speaker connects to the back of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. It is louder than iPhone speaker and also serves as a stand in landscape mode.

If you take two Liddle speakers, you can pair them for enhanced stereo sound.