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Camping Accessories: 12 Camping Accessories You Can Take With On Your Next Adventure | Most Wanted Products


Exploring the mountains and the unexplored places with your friends and family is something every camping enthusiast seeks to do whenever they have the time. And that’s why camping accessories have become such a hit with many travel and adventure enthusiasts. But what are these camping accessories? Well, it ranges from tents to inductions, chairs to hammocks, and many more.

So, if you are looking for camping accessories, check out some of the exquisite shopping options available online in India:

12 camping accessories


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Get this spotless tent for your next camping trip. Offered by AmazonBasics, this camping tent weighs approximately 8.6 pounds. The proposed camping trip is designed using premium polyester coated fabric and welded 1000D polyethylene tub style flooring with reverse seams. This camping tent comes with a rear window and fresh air port for fresh air circulation. Available in a dome style design, this camping tent comes with shockproof cord poles and seamless continuous pole sleeves. Price: Rs 5,499.

Shop for this popular shower bag for camping from FING which is known for its ultra-light nature and collapsible design. The free camping shower bag is easy to store and simple to transport. Along with this, the offered product is made from first chain PVC material, which ensures its non-toxic nature, wear resistance and durability. Available in a 5 gallon capacity, this camping shower bag features a large diameter water injection valve. Price: Rs 900.

Use this folding tripod stool from Saiyama which has a seat height of 30cm. The proposed tripod folding stool is made of A-Okay metal and is available in the dimensions 25 x 25 x 30 cm. In addition to this, the offered camping tripod stool is available with a durable strap, which ensures its foldable and portable design. This camping tripod stool is easy to set up and is extremely comfortable in nature. Price: Rs 449.

Buy this impressive dome shaped tent from Device which is available in the dimension 200 X 200 X 135 cm. The proposed tent is ideal for accommodating 4 people at a time. Along with this, the offered portable tent is made from premium polyester fabrics on the roof and using shockproof cord fiberglass pole frame. Available in a waterproof nature, this portable tent is easy to set up and is known for its compact design. Price: Rs 1,399.

P-Plus International offers you this camping hammock in red color and is available in the dimension 2.8 x 1.5 x 0.01 meters. The offered camping hammock weighs approximately 900 grams and can support up to 200 kg. On top of that, the offered camping hammock is praised for its anti-tip design and kink resistance. Available with a storage bag, this product is easy to install. Price: Rs 749.

STANLEY offers this multi-tool which may be ideal for your camping trip. Made from high quality metal, this tool is available in the dimensions 8.5 x 14 x 5.1cm and weighs approximately 0.4 pounds. This versatile car tool has 12 different functions like needle nose pliers, wire cutters, saw, small knife, screwdriver, curved jaw pliers, bottle opener, large knife and screwdriver. Price: Rs 701.

Do not miss this superb camping stove and furnace from CLUEMART in red. The proposed camping stove weighs approximately 430 kg and is made from first-line aluminum. On top of that, the offered camping oven runs on LPG and is extremely easy to use. Appreciated for its portable design, this camping stove is available in the dimension 11.00 x 11.50 x 9.50 cm. Price: Rs 679.

Use this car trunk organizer from Meneflix in black color and weighing about 500 grams. The offered car trunk organizer is available in the dimension 32 x 8 x 8 cm and is available with 3 compartments. In addition, the proposed car organizer is known for its heavy-duty construction and space-saving foldable design. This car trunk organizer comes with a base layer and prevents slipping or slipping. Price: Rs 459.

Don’t miss this durable Outgeek camping table fan in white color. The proposed camping table fan is available in the dimension 6 x 6 x 12 cm and weighs approximately 400 grams. Along with this, the proposed camping table fan is known for its strong wind and quiet operation. This camping table fan comes with one button control and four speed adjustable nature. Easy to clean, this product has a 1200mAh rechargeable battery. Price: Rs 699.

Egab offers you this camping tent which is suitable for accommodating up to 4 people at a time. The proposed portable tent has durable back padding and is known for its spacious interiors. Lightweight, this camping tent is equipped with steel stakes that ensure high strength and increased stability. Price: Rs 1470.

AmazonBasics offers you this sturdy camping chair with a carry bag. This camping chair is made from premium alloy steel and is available in a foldable design. In addition to this, the proposed camping chair is available with a fully upholstered seat and is known for its sleek design. This camping chair comes with a sturdy frame and is available in a compact design. Price: Rs 2,129.

Check out this REHTRAD premium camping kitchen set which includes a pot, frying pan, tablespoon, wooden spoon, clean tool and 2 plastic bowls. The offered camping kitchen set is made from premium aluminum, ensuring easy cleaning and high temperature resistance. Price: Rs 1,449.

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