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Camille Miceli is the first female designer for Pucci


“It was what she wanted to wear that morning,” he added. “That’s a big part of her magic: the way she moves through situations and places. “

Her first design job was in fashion jewelry (aka costume jewelry), where she and Pharrell Williams introduced a very successful collaboration. In 2009, she moved to Dior under John Galliano (also Bill Gaytten, who took over briefly after Mr. Galliano’s dismissal, and Raf Simons), where she ran both fashion jewelry and was a leather goods consultant. There, she created the ‘tribal’ pearl earring: an unbalanced bar-shaped pearl stud with a small stone in the front and a large stone in the back that was inspired by her travels through. Africa (she spent time in Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa; her mother now lives in Morocco). It has become a bestseller.

In 2014, Ms Miceli returned to Louis Vuitton to work with Nicolas Ghesquière, a close friend, designing all the accessories, including belts, scarves and sunglasses – and found further success when her wireless aviators were also went viral. After seven years, however, she said she was ready for more. Then Pucci came.

“The time of life is very important,” said Ms Miceli, who also has a soft spot for the meaning of numbers.

Ms. Miceli is clear about her plans for Pucci, which she describes as “joy and well-being”.

She will be moving to Milan, where she will be based full time with her husband, Jerome Dernis (her son is currently a student at the University of Warwick in England). She wants to avoid catwalks and formal seasons, and instead, her collections “follow the life of a family all year round, and from 8am to 4am”. From the sun salutation to the nightcap.

A bit like his life. The one that consists of dancing on tables and cooking big Sunday dinners; obsessed with acres of rugs and haunting flea markets; squeeze into Ayenga yoga (maybe 20 minutes, maybe 90) every morning and find harmony in the mismatch.

As for what that looks like for everyone else, it will be unveiled in the spring of 2022.

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