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Burberry Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Riccardo Tisci appeared on the cover of last week’s edition of the magazine DSection kissing a deer and sporting Bambi’s floppy ears like those worn by the models on her digital runway today. He dedicated the collection to his beloved mother, who died at the end of August at the age of 93. “We were born from animals. We have an animal instinct which is very strained when we feel happiness, depression or sadness, ”Tisci said on a video call from Milan. He wanted to give his models the same emotional expression that animals convey through their ears.

Instinct is the magic word for Tisci at this point in his Burberry tenure. In his latest collection for men, he broke the confinements he had, to some extent, experienced, working within the brand’s highly defined heritage, and did what he does best: Riccardo Tisci . In turn, he broke the internet, which reacted with shock and delight to the audacity. “It was the most reprogrammed thing I’ve done at Burberry,” he said with a smile. This collection picks up where men’s fashion left off, in an abstract and deconstructivist and very irreverent study of Burberry codes.

The film saw models parading through rooms that represented Tisci’s natural elements at Burberry: loudspeakers for the music, wind for the outdoors, rave for young people, and glitter for zhuzh. The heritage of the house was represented by a room whose walls were insulated with flattened trench coats, which made it look like a padded solitary confinement cell. Arguably Tisci’s fear of the label’s genetics has been replaced by cheek, and that makes the viewing more compelling. A few glances at the transfigured trench coats that opened the show – long in front, cut in the back – the camera circled around a mannequin to reveal her bare bottom.

The post-containment sexy instinct is not lost on Tisci. “Because of the way the women had to fight, there was a lot of masculinity,” he said, referring to a female wardrobe shaped by the decades leading up to the liberated sense of feminism. that we know today. “Now it feels like women are sexy again. Sex is an expression; a language that is very strong. And this collection is very confident. Tisci or a Burberry traditionalist, this certainly sounded like the most purposeful exit from his stay at home.

Once the territory of the trenches was covered, he investigated the sportswear he strove to bring into the business, raising and refining the hoodies with cape structures and hoods that had a couture sensibility about them. Relying on his principle of instinct, Tisci abstracted animal prints onto light, little dresses like the butterfly designs you get “when kids put color between two pages and they open them”, he explained. With those Bambi ears, he added a sense of childish wonder to the otherwise bold cuts that embody the very personal lines that Tisci now brings to Burberry.


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