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‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ reportedly closer to filming


Eddie Murphy will soon be taking over Axel Foley.

According to Hollywood journalist, the cop from beverly hills 4 is getting closer to the start of production in California:

The California Film and Television Tax Credit program unveiled 23 new films, 10 studio films and 13 independent films, to be shot in the state, including top spenders like John Lennon and Yoko Ono ( Universal) by Jean-Marc Vallée, the science fiction film by Zack Snyder -fi adventure Rebel Moon (Netflix) and Beverly Hills Cop 4 by Jerry Bruckheimer (Netflix).

Beverly Hills Cop 4, the result of a one-time license agreement between Netflix and Paramount to produce the franchise reboot that began in 1984, is expected to generate $ 78 million in eligible spending in the state (defined as less than – California workers’ wages and payments to state suppliers) during the 58 days of filming in the state, including San Bernardino.

Murphy debuted as Foley in the original 1984 Beverly Hills cop, directed by Martin Brest. The comedy followed Foley as a Detroit cop investigating the murder of his childhood friend and tracing a trail all the way to Beverly Hills. The sequel came in 1987, directed by Tony Scott, then Beverly Hills Cop III happened in 1994, directed by John Landis.

Murphy gave a vague and disheartening update on the project in mid-March during a visit to Desus & Mero.

“They’ve been trying to make another Beverly Hills cop for 15 years now,” said the 60-year-old comedy icon (h / t CinemaBlend). “Right now Netflix has it, and they’re trying to develop a script. That’s what we’re supposed to do next, but I don’t do anything until the script is correct.


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