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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 accessories: cases, screen protectors and wall outlets


It’s been a few weeks since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the ultra-premium foldable has started arriving in people who pre-ordered.

Be sure to check out TheStreet review of the Galaxy Z Fold 4; we’ve also researched the best cases, screen protectors and accessories that work well with Samsung (SSNLF) latest foldable.

It can never hurt to throw a case around and opt for a screen protector – even with the Z Fold 4’s increased durability thanks to IP68 water resistance, “Armor Aluminum” and Corning Gorilla Glass.

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Standing Cover with Stylus ($89.99; samsung.com)

Yes, $90 is a lot to pay for a case, but one made by the company that makes the phone has its advantages.

The stand-up cover includes the S Pen Fold edition and adds a silo for easy pen storage. This case can also be color-matched to your Z Fold 4 and has two legs that can be removed to support it.

And if you’re not interested in an S Pen, Samsung makes the standard Slim Standing Cover in sand or black. It is a slimmer option that is made in two pieces. Plus, it’s only $49.99.

Zagg Gear 4 Bridgetown Case ($59.99; zagg.com)

Gear4 is known for providing protection, and while this case doesn’t add an insane amount of thickness or weight to the Z Fold 4, it can protect it from drops of up to 10 feet. It’s a black plastic case with a flexible hinge. The extra protection comes from a D30 Bio material and even includes a slot to snap the S Pen into place.

Case-Mate Tough Plus ($55; case-mate.com)

pillbox hard plus case galaxy z fold 4

If you don’t mind the extra thickness around the hinge, Case-Mate’s Tough Plus in black or clear makes the Z Fold 4 almost look like a book. In fact, it reminds us of TwelveSouth’s famous BookBook case for the iPhone.

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This case protects all sides of the Z Fold 4 – including a lip around the camera bump – is made from recycled materials and is rated for drops up to 15 feet. They also offer it in “transparent” which will make the natural color of the Z Fold 4 visible.

Incipio Grip Case ($69.99; amazon.com)

incipio grip z fold 4 case

Just like the other cases featured here, Incipio’s Grip option protects all sides of the device with a two-piece construction. It’s drop-tested and has multiple handles so you can easily and securely hold the Z Fold 4 whether it’s folded or unfolded.

Samsung Leather Case in Black or Gray Green ($79.99; samsung.com)

leather case for samsung galaxy z fold 4

Those looking for a more subtle case can consider Samsung’s Leather Case for the Z Fold 4. Like the stand-up case, it’s a two-piece construction with one that goes in front and one that goes behind. ‘back. We’ve had one on the Z Fold 3 for over a year and it’s aged pretty well.

Zagg Invisible Shield Fusion Eco Screen Protector ($49.99; zagg.com)

Zagg screen cover

Samsung doesn’t pre-install a screen protector on the Z Fold 4’s front cover display, and consider that facing the outside world, it’s probably worth investing in one for. We tested Zagg’s Invisible Shield Fusion Eco, which provides protection against everyday scratches and is made from plant-based materials. Zagg also includes a tray in the box, shims, and cleaners to make installation seamless.

Spigen Thin Fit P Case ($59.99, originally $69.99; amazon.com)

Spigen Thin Fit P Case for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Spigen’s latest offering for the Z Fold 4 is a snap-on case that attaches to the front and packaging of the Z Fold 4. And like some of the other options we’ve highlighted, it has a slot that can hold the S Pen. And while that leaves the hinge exposed when closed, it aims to be a lightweight solution that also protects against drops.

anker 735 ganprime charger

Anker’s brand new GanPrime 735 charger can not only quickly charge the Z Fold 4 with 65 watts of power, but also has two more ports to charge another device at the same time. This advanced wall outlet features two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. Plus, you can save 25% by buying directly from Anker with code “WS24ZJPZMA”.

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