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Best Props in Final Fantasy


The Final Fantasy is renowned for turning ordinary items into incredibly powerful gear. Many tend to rely solely on armor to improve their defense, but accessories often prove to be a player’s best way to survive the toughest encounters in the series.

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By discovering the first accessory of a Final Fantasyentrance, the player can assume that it is only a decorative item. It’s only by equipping one of these unusual items that some of the best character buffs in the game are implemented. Accessories can grant several status boosts, but some prove more beneficial than others.

ten Power Wrist – Final Fantasy 7

The Power Wrist is a recurring element in the Final Fantasy series that generally offers its wearer a good boost in strength. It is particularly useful at the beginning of a story because it allows you to inflict much greater damage on your enemies.

The Power Wrist has a modest +10 strength, and while that may not seem like much, its ability to turn the tide of a losing battle is unquestionable. It is recommended to equip this accessory to the heavy hitter in the party to further improve their damage.

9 Black Belt – Final Fantasy 6

The black belt is only as effective as the player makes it. When equipped, this accessory allows its wearer to counter an enemy’s physical attack with their own. If equipped alongside an accessory that allows the same character to cover an ally, the black belt proves exceptionally useful in all attacks aimed at the party.

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It has a 75% chance of countering an enemy’s attack, so it should be equipped with the strongest hitter in the party to ensure optimal damage output. When equipped, the player can breathe a sigh of relief against the weakest enemies in the game knowing the Dark Belt will dispatch them automatically.

8 Bubble Belt – Final Fantasy 12

The Bubble spell allows the player to double the life points of his characters, but unfortunately, this effect only lasts for a time. However, acquiring and equipping the Bubble Belt will remove the limitations of this spell by automatically doubling the wearer’s HP.

Although it is billed as one of the rarest items in the game, it is guaranteed to appear in a chest located in the Feywood. The Clearsight Icefield has a small chest in the middle of the area containing this prop, so the player will need to make sure to pick up a few on their first visit.

seven Genji Gloves – Final Fantasy 13

Most entries in the Final Fantasy the series sees damage output limited to 9,999 attack points. Although some upgrades allow the player to increase this, it is usually capped at 99,999 for not overpowering a character.

Final Fantasy 13 tries to reshape this trope with the implementation of the Genji Gloves, a unique pair of hand warmers that allow you to deal incredible damage to enemies in your game. Owning these gloves is essential for meeting post-game challenges , but the true extent of the damage they cause is only evident when facing the weakest opponents in the game.

6 Revival Earrings – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Revival Earrings can be purchased from the Chapter 3 Merchant in Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the deceptively low price of 500 Gil. As their name suggests, these earrings have the power to resurrect their wearer upon their first death in battle.

These earrings can be exceptionally useful for those who have chosen to skip some of the more menial encounters so far. Not only are they effective in the early game, but they can also be worn by some of the tougher late game bosses to give the player a second chance at victory.

5 Black Hood – Final Fantasy 15

Noctis will get the Black Hood after beating the confusing platformer that is Pitioss Ruins. The player will have had to manually dodge oncoming attacks before discovering this attachment, but equipping it with Noctis eliminates the need to continue doing so.

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While wearing the Black Hood, Noctis automatically dodges his enemies’ attacks, making him somewhat invincible against certain enemies. While this attachment doesn’t grant immunity to all enemy attacks, its effectiveness against the vast majority makes it a must-have for those looking for post-game content.

4 Gotterdammerung – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Available in the Final Fantasy 7 Remakethe Gotterdammerung is arguably the best accessory present in the game. It allows its wearer to begin each battle with a fully charged Limit Gauge, a feature that allows it to unleash its strongest attacks immediately after engaging an enemy.

This accessory is confined to the 63rd Floor Battle Simulator in the Shinra Building, meaning it can only be obtained towards the end of a game. While this somewhat limits the use of the item, its true power shines through while returning to the game’s previous boss battles.

3 Key to Success – Final Fantasy X-2

Obtaining the key to success can be difficult without a guide to help you, but there’s a reason this element is so elusive. Available in Tobli’s house in Chapter 5, the key to success will only appear if the player has completed the story regarding the Moonflow without completing the Mt. Gagazet mission in Chapter 3.

As its name suggests, the Key to Success multiplies the rewards obtained during battles. It doubles experience gained and items acquired, making the grinding process much less strenuous. The player is unlikely to get this accessory on their first playthrough, but that doesn’t stop them from getting it later if they follow the proper steps.

2 Ribbon – Final Fantasy 6

Ribbon is one of the rarest accessories found anywhere Final Fantasy and for good reason. It’s a bewilderingly powerful item that often negates the need for combat readiness due to its intriguing abilities. With many available in Final Fantasy 6 Before entering Kefka’s Tower, the player would do well to stock up on a few to lessen the challenge of the game’s finale.

By equipping these elusive cloth bands, the player will quickly learn its advantages in combat. Wearing this charming piece of yarn negates the powers of all negative status effects in-game, granting the wearer complete immunity to the threats they pose.

1 Charm Bracelet – Final Fantasy X-2

The Final Fantasy The series became famous for the strenuous tasks included in each entry’s postgame. The player will often have to return to previously explored areas to grind or to new areas to fight the game’s super bosses.

The process can quickly become mundane, especially due to the random encounters the player will be forced to face. Fortunately, the Charm Bangle accessory allows Yuna to explore the vast world of Spira without having to fight.

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