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Best ‘Beauty and the Beast’ handbag


What are the best “Beauty and the Beast” handbags?

“Beauty and the Beast” has captivated the imaginations of children and adults for over 20 years now and continues to be an enchanting Disney favorite around the world. Whether it’s the castle, the clothes, the music or the books, one thing is certain: The fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast is highly regarded and the legacy continues to expand with a line of merchandising of wonderful accessories and handbags for fans.

The Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast The Crossbody Handbag is a beautiful faux leather double strap handbag with soft and subtle colors, a front zip pocket and two side pockets with a top handle for convenient carrying.

What to know before buying a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ handbag

Shoulder bag

For distances and shorter trips, the shoulder bag is a fabulous and timeless look. Shoulder bags usually have a slightly more classic or high-end vibe, easily contain your necessities, and allow quick access to credit cards or cosmetics.


For longer excursions and day trips, backpacks and mini backpacks are preferable. They allow you to have your hands free; they distribute the weight of what you are carrying more evenly over your shoulders and back; they often have more storage space; and are fully closed at the top, preventing loss of personal items and keeping your things from getting wet during light rain.

Costume and cosplay

Some Disney Beauty and the Beast handbags are less about the print and more themed in a totally authentic way, as if you were in the world rather than representing it. These handbags are ideal for dressing up as Belle for costume parties or Halloween, for cosplaying at conventions or for trips to the Disney world as an essential accessory. Dress your kids up with these Disney costumes to match for any family event.

What to look for in a quality ‘Beauty and the Beast’ handbag


Handbags can be made from a number of materials and fabrics, from leather and vegan leather to denim, cotton canvas, nylon, neoprene and more. Faux leather or vegan leather handbags are great fabric choices for durable handbags that can withstand longer use. Leatherette is more weather resistant than fabrics such as cotton or denim, can generally carry heavier items, and also looks more upscale than other popular handbag materials.


If you intend to carry your Beauty and the Beast handbag to Disney World or to a convention, you may need a little more space to carry your personal effects than a small bag. hand cannot take it. Look for a height of at least 10 inches, with 10.5 or 11 inches being more ideal for more storage capacity.

Additional accessories

Many Disney Beauty and the Beast handbags, especially by Loungefly, have matching or coordinating wallets that you can purchase separately to complete the look. If you plan on storing bank cards, cash, and ID in your new Beauty and the Beast purse, purchasing the wallet is a good idea to keep things safe and organized.

How much can you expect to spend on a “Beauty and the Beast” handbag

Beauty and the Beast handbags are made of faux leather, are fully lined and have a wonderful print job. As such, they represent a bit more of a cost investment. Expect to spend at least $ 75 to $ 95 for most of the officially licensed Belle handbags.

Beauty and the Beast handbag FAQ

Are Disney handbags waterproof in the rain or on the rides at Disney World?

A. They are not advertised as being fully waterproof; However, due to their faux leather exterior, they should provide a measure of protection for your clothing and devices from the rain. Never immerse or machine wash these handbags.

Can mini backpacks hold a tablet? How much can they hold?

A. While these handbags aren’t designed to carry a large tablet, they could accommodate smaller devices. Beauty and the Beast handbags or mini backpacks should comfortably contain your smartphone, cosmetics, wallet, a small water bottle in the side pocket, a few personal items and even a light t-shirt if you need to change clothes.

What are the best Beauty and the Beast handbags to buy?

Top handbag ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Double shoulder bag with all-over print

What would you like to know: This lovely shoulder bag from Loungefly is a fully lined, adjustable shoulder strap faux leather handbag.

What you will love: The bag has a lot of details and colors, has two side pockets, a front zip pocket and a printed interior.

What you should consider: There is no additional inside pocket.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best ‘Beauty and the Beast’ handbag for the money

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Mini Backpack Belle Roses

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Mini Backpack Belle Roses

What would you like to know: This striking, officially licensed Belle mini backpack from Loungefly has adjustable padded shoulder straps, a gorgeous print and features two side pockets.

What you will love: The design of this bag is really lovely, it makes a wonderful gift for Beauty and the Beast fans and is the perfect size for short day trips without being difficult to carry.

What you should consider: Some reviewers felt the straps should be a bit longer.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To be checked

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Cosplay Double Shoulder Bag

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Belle Cosplay Double Shoulder Bag

What would you like to know: This pearly faux leather shoulder bag from Loungefly has a soft touch, is a unique and thoughtful accessory for Disney fans and features a printed and lined interior fabric.

What you will love: This bag is slightly larger and more spacious than other Loungefly Disney handbags, making it ideal for carrying tablets and a few more personal items than competing bags. It enjoys a fabulous Belle aesthetic and has superior attention to detail in embroidery and sewing.

What you should consider: Due to the hourglass-mimicking shape, it is slightly smaller at the top.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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