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Baggage lost by Frontier Airlines: woman loses irreplaceable necklace


CINCINNATI – When traveling, few things are worse than a delayed or canceled flight, something thousands of travelers face this week on Southwest Airlines.

But an even more annoying thing, and in this case heartbreaking, is the loss of luggage that doesn’t show up in days, if not weeks.

Heather Poast of Cincinnati’s Hyde Park neighborhood recorded a very distinctive North Face bag on a Frontier flight out of Las Vegas.

“I wait a few days, and a few days, and nothing,” the frustrated mom said. “The last time this happened to me I think I got my bag the next day.”

Now, almost 4 weeks later, still no baggage and no response to her two lost baggage claims on the Frontier website.

But it’s not the bag and weekend clothes that worries him the most.

This is a set of sentimental gemstone earrings that she bought on her honeymoon abroad, as well as an irreplaceable sentimental necklace, a gift from her late father.

“It was a necklace my dad gave me in eighth grade,” Poast said. “So this necklace, a heart of pearl necklace, was super important to me, and you can’t replace it.”

How jewelry often ends up in checked baggage

If you’re wondering why she saved a bag with jewelry inside, there are two reasons, and it’s the kind of thing that can happen to anyone.

First of all, it was not about expensive jewelry, like a diamond bracelet that would require additional insurance.

Most importantly, the decision to check it out was made at the last minute, right at the check-in counter.

“I thought ‘maybe I’ll go on’ and then I decided ‘no, I guess I’ll check my bag’,” she said.

Poast didn’t realize in her haste to take the check-in that she had inadvertently checked the bag containing her jewelry, rather than her garment bag.

What you should never check on an airline

Airfare Watchdog.com says to never place in a registered bag:

  • Important medicine that you will need when you arrive.
  • Laptops or cameras (especially as laptops must be transported, due to the risk of battery fire).
  • Cash or jewelry, except inexpensive costume jewelry.
  • Any sentimental that cannot be replaced.

Domestic airlines will cover up to $ 3,800 in lost items if your checked baggage is missing, but that doesn’t do much to replace her late father’s necklace.

We contacted Frontier’s media department, which is currently investigating his complaint.

Poast says she spent weeks unable to reach a living person.

“No one contacted me to apologize. And I can’t reach a human,” she said.

Bottom Line: Keep valuables out of checked baggage and make sure you put your name and phone number in at least two places inside and outside the bag, so you don’t waste your money.


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