Home Handbags Author and entrepreneur Tee Seabrone is launching an online handbag business with her husband

Author and entrepreneur Tee Seabrone is launching an online handbag business with her husband


Author and entrepreneur Tee Seabrone collaborated with her husband, Doog The Dude, to launch an online luxury handbag business that attracted a large following.

Tee Seabrone, author and businesswoman, worked with her husband, Doog The Dude, to start an internet-based luxury handbag business that gained a massive following. They started their Black-Owned Handbags company in 2021 and launched online in early 2022.

Their collaboration in the design and launch of their luxury handbags was essential because black designers currently constitute only a small pool of the luxury handbag industry. A post highlighting their most popular bags, which included the SOV bag, the Peyton sheepskin bag and the Rhyan puffer bag, quickly traveled across social media platforms. Tee shared her thoughts on this in the blog where she explained, in short, that there needs to be greater representation of black designers in the design industry. The need for new high-end black-owned businesses is critical. For the first time in her life, she celebrated Black History Month by launching the line of handbags. She thanks her audience for their continued support in all of her endeavours.

The Rhyan puffer bag, in particular, was a big hit with those watching Among the black-owned designer brand some products. With its nylon exterior body and leather-lined interior, this handbag is the perfect addition to any outfit. The design of the bag appears to be inspired by the popular outdoor jacket known as a puffer. It is decorated with metal details and features a simple logo in the center. Many users took to the comments to show their support for the design by selecting their favorite from the four colors: orange, dark blue, green or black. The design is special for the company. After its release, the Rhyan puffer was one of the first to sell out entirely, and it continues to do so today.

About the company:

Tee Seabrone and Doog The Dude, both founders of Tian Zevon, formed Tian Zevon in 2021. They were no strangers to entrepreneurship when they decided to embark on their new venture. Best-selling author Tee Seabrone self-publishes business books on Amazon, her own website, and other sites. Don’t miss Doog The Dude’s hit singles “Focused” and “The Don”, both of which hit all streaming platforms in 2021.

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