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Are travelers ready to remove their masks at Burlington Airport?


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – More travelers can now leave their masks at home if they wish; face coverings are no longer required at Burlington International Airport. But not everyone is ready to take them off.

When the bags arrived at the airport on Tuesday, new guidelines were also enforced for masking. After two years, people no longer have to wear face coverings inside the terminal.

“The decision came this morning from the security directive that was revoked by the Transportation Security Administration,” said Shelby Losier of Burlington International Airport.

The change follows a federal judge’s ruling overturning the Biden administration’s mask mandate on planes and public transportation.

Burlington Airport now says masks are optional and what you do on your flight is up to you.

“The CDC recommends that people wear a mask when using public transportation,” Losier said.

Despite the changes, some passengers say they won’t drop their masks.

“I think it’s important and I feel naked without it. You feel safer,” said Denise McCord of South Burlington.

“We have to do what is best to ensure our safety. So if we have to wear a mask to prevent the pandemic from resuming, I think we can sacrifice a bit. But I’m sick of wearing a mask,” said Brandon Nelson of New Orleans.

Others are happy to see the mandate lifted, as has already happened in many other sectors like retail.

” I do not like it. I don’t like the mask rule,” said Hans Joyce of New York.

But mask or no mask, people say they feel safe.

Hans Joyce: Not bad, it’s pretty good here BARK Except the barking dogs (laughs).

Reporter Ike Bendavid: Do you feel safe?

Hans Joyce: Yes.

“I feel like if you’re not wearing a mask and you’re not vaxxed, you’re taking a bigger chance,” Nelson said.

Airplanes aren’t the only places you no longer have to wear a mask. On Tuesday, Green Mountain Transit announced it was scrapping mask requirements on buses and in transit facilities. Of course, they ask passengers to respect drivers or passengers who continue to mask themselves.

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