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AMTRAK filming scene ends


TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – This is a long and thorough investigation since an Amtrak train shooting killed an injured drug enforcement officer, another injured Tucson police officer and officer, and a man armed is dead.

It is a multi-agency effort, with the scene still under review almost two days after the shooting. But there are signs that this part of the investigation is drawing to a close.

A surveillance camera captured the gunfire and the rush of an officer and his working dog to seek cover.

Stacy Gregory was in an office across the street. She heard gunshots and saw police flooding the area.

“They were like all of them come down that way, into the building with their guns and so forth, and they told us to come in, so of course we did that immediately.” And as we stood at the door, that’s when we heard like two sets of quick gunshots. And we knew then that something horrible was really going on.

Soon, police reported the deaths of a drug enforcement officer, an injured officer, an injured TPD officer, and a dead gunman.

After a day and a half of examining the scene, investigators allowed Amtrak to remove the locomotive and most of the passenger cars, but left the car involved in the shooting.

They dropped the crime scene tape at the east end of the station. This allowed for a view of the platform where we could see luggage, apparently left behind when passengers rushed off the train. Amtrak crews were getting ready to return the bags to their owners.

This station building includes several shops. They were forced to shut down while the scene was closed. But the surrounding streets are open now, and businesses should be free to open as well.




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