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Ammunition, Other Prohibited Items Slowing Lines At Philadelphia International Airport – NBC10 Philadelphia


An abundance of prohibited items, including ammunition, slowed the lines at the Philadelphia International Airport.

The articles made security checkpoints wait longer, the Transportation Security Administration said. The agency added that the prohibited items are brought in by people who have not traveled for a long time and may have forgotten the prohibited things in carry-on baggage.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of travelers who have not flown recently, who are new to air transport or who have previously flown only once or twice a year,” said Gerardo Spero, director TSA Federal Security Office, in a statement. “These travelers started taking leisure flights to visit family, travel to meet friends or take vacations and they were stopped at our checkpoint because they brought with them prohibited items such as oversized liquids and ammunition, ”he said.

The TSA said there had been more cases of people bringing in ammunition, including boxes of ammunition, loaded and empty gun magazines and loose bullets. The agency asked passengers traveling with ammunition or weapons to refer to its guidelines online.

People also more frequently carried liquids, gels or aerosols over the 3.4-ounce limit, the TSA said.

“Our TSA officers see travelers arriving at the checkpoint with bottled water, juices, energy drinks, coffee and soda. TSA agents will give passengers the choice of exiting the security checkpoint to drink their drinks in the terminal or allow the agent to dispose of them, ”Spero said.

Passengers can check which items are allowed and prohibited in carry-on baggage on the TSA website.

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