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Amber Neben ‘stranded’ for World Championships time trial despite recent accident


Amber Neben (Cogeas Mettler Look Pro Cycling) and Team USA are back in the quest to don the rainbow jersey in the elite women’s time trial for the upcoming UCI Road World Championships. had in mind.

Just 25 days ago, a practice race near his home in California came to an abrupt end for Neben when a driver pulled his vehicle into his path, causing a collision. The three-time Olympian, who finished fifth in the time trial at the Tokyo Olympics, suffered a heavy fall and suffered three undisplaced pelvic fractures and bruises to her leg and back.

“I intend to compete. I am mentally locked up, ”said Neben Cycling news, having just arrived in Belgium for the Worlds, the elite women’s 30.3 km time trial will take place Monday afternoon from Knokke-Heist to Bruges.

“Mentally, I always accept these kinds of challenges. I know there are always opportunities for growth at all levels. We never like storms in life, but I say these are our championship moments. My approach is always to respond, choose to persevere, and focus on what I can do.

Earlier this month, Neben’s participation was in question for his 17th world competition in the past 20 years, a 15th time in the race against time. Besides two TT titles (2016 and 2008), she has never finished outside the top 15. This year, in addition to the best result of an American rider in the time trial of the Olympic Games, she won the silver medal in the USA. Pro Road Championships.

“The process of physical recovery took patience and a lot of attention and listening from my body. Obviously what I could and couldn’t do temporarily changed four weeks ago, but I focused on what I can do. I have done my best to get things done as wisely as possible. I am grateful for all the prayers and support from everyone, ”explained Neben.

Neben took to social media about her recovery process, a recent video showing her walking on crutches on the second day after the accident, her injuries being serious but not requiring surgery. On day four, she pedaled slowly on an upright stationary bike, a Lifecycle “aerobics trainer” first introduced in the late 1980s and which she bought for $ 25 online. Ten days after the collision with the car, she was on her TT bike on a suitable trainer, using crutches to position herself in the saddle.

“I found the lifecycle on Craig’s List. I used it to let my body move in a familiar pattern. I believe gentle, painless movements can really help with healing, ”she said. “Yesterday [Wednesday], I was able to go out on the TT bike. It was good, but it also revealed some residual tension that I need to understand. This feedback exercise has been a series of progressive steps. I think all of this will come in the next few days.

“Physically, I still have a few days to get back on the bike. I certainly would never have chosen to prepare myself this way, but sometimes after loading up like I did the previous 18 months, a rest break can be very beneficial. We will see.”

On her Instagram feed, Neben noted that she was moving forward, stating in part: “Logically, my doctor, my trainer and I would all object to trying to compete in a world championship just 4 weeks 6 days after the accident BUT I also learned not to close a “door”.

The US team will have two riders in the elite women’s time trial next Monday, Neben and Leah Thomas (Movistar), who in her last two world championships finished seventh in Harrogate in 2019 and fifth in Innsbruck in 2018.


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