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Alana Hadid on the new summer collection La Détresse


Alana Hadid at the Ganni VIP Party at Dresden Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles on October 25, 2019.

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Alana Hadid is the go-to girl when it comes to combining fashion and comfort.

The 36-year-old designer recently unveiled the new collection of her brand La Détresse, Summer Trip, which she and co-founder Emilie Perlstein created to make packing a getaway easier.

“The whole concept behind it is that people go out. They’re actually starting to take trips now,” Hadid said. We Weekly exclusively during the capsule celebration event on July 14th. “I wanted to make pieces that would travel easily. That you could take this whole collection with you and some swimsuits and you’re ready for all summer.

The new collection “has a bit of a psychedelic edge to it,” Alana said We. The new collection includes t-shirts, dresses and more.

Alana also thought of her family and close friends when bringing the capsule to life, naming a piece after her famous sister. Gigi Hadid. “My sisters are stunning in everything. There’s a dress called The Gigi…I wanted to highlight the friends and family who have supported us,” Alana said. “My mom is there. She’s in her sixties, but she’s wearing one of the dresses.

Alana’s relatives are not the only fans of the brand. She shared that stars like Winnie Harlow, Pink and Vanessa Bryant “wearing our stuff a lot of times.”

The fashion guru also likes to see ordinary people in her designs. “Celebrities are great, and I love seeing celebrities wearing [La Detresse]but I really like seeing ordinary people wearing my clothes,” Alana said. We.

She added, “I like that people wear our clothes when they want to be comfortable…I like that it’s their comfortable clothes.”

After its launch in 2017, sales of La Détresse soared during the pandemic due to shoppers relying on more casual clothing while isolating at home, and although the increase was an exciting boost, Alana wanted to expand the brand to offer clothing outside of leisure.

When asked what was different about this collection, the designer told Us that “I think we were really like kind of an athleisure brand before, and I really always wanted to develop a full line of ready -to wear.”

Alana and Perlstein also used “a lot of new fabrics, like rayon blends and silks… fun stuff that I feel like we haven’t touched on before.”

In addition to producing fashionable clothing, Alana and Perlstein use La Détresse as a way to give back.

With each new season, they choose a new charity to donate the profits to. On their page, the duo wrote that they had “chosen to donate proceeds from the Cenote Alex Tee to Water Drop LA, an organization very close to our hearts, for which we have volunteered since the start of the pandemic.”

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