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Abhi Shetty: One of the brightest minds and shrewdest hotel entrepreneurs – News


Shetty’s ‘Barrels’ brand has earned her huge success in just three years in the industry

Published: Wed, May 11, 2022, 4:08 PM

It is surreal to learn and know more about all these people and professionals who choose to listen to their hearts and strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life. There is a need to shed more light on the journeys and choices these individuals have made for the world to know and how they carved out a place for themselves in the industries of their choice, walking fearlessly down their path. Who better than Abhi Shetty to serve as an example in the hospitality industry today? He did the same and thus forged ahead, becoming an inspiring success story with his “Barrels” brand, with outlets in Dubai and Manipal, India.

Shetty may seem like just another neighborhood guy, but he’s definitely way beyond that. He showed all possible qualities to become one of the youngest influential personalities in the hospitality world, who only started his journey in 2019. The mechanical engineer who first worked at TOTAL France , a multinational, before getting into the nightlife and hospitality business, always knew he had entrepreneurial traits in him and felt a strong inclination towards the hospitality space. Today, he is changing the hospitality landscape in Dubai and India for the better with his Barrels brand.

His brand was also affected by the pandemic in 2020; however, it recovered quickly and made excellent profits by the end of the year. In 2021, he opened an outlet in Manipal, which has now become the best nightlife spot in the region. He says social media has played a huge role in helping his brand gain massive momentum and recognition apart from the awards and accolades it has received so far. Becoming a successful name in the hospitality industry, brimming with several established and emerging players, was not a bed of roses for Abhi Shetty, but his never-give-up attitude and positive approach to business helped him. to remain unique in the industry.

Abhi Shetty (@abhishetty) creates exceptional experiences for hospitality professionals and looks forward to taking over the industry soon with more of his brand’s outlets spread across different locations.