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A sneaky airport hack that will let you find your luggage faster


You can breathe a sigh of conviction as you say goodbye to long waits at the baggage carousel and wave goodbye to get home faster and back to your own comfortable bed.

Waiting for your suitcases for a long time is really boring

Checked baggage is one of the most irritating things about going on vacation.

You’ve gotten off the plane, the cold has hit you like a slap in the face, the post-vacation blues are setting in, and you just want your warm, comfy bed and flipping through vacation photos.

But, there is one thing that stands in your way – you need to collect your luggage. It is really a boring task. It’s so boring and time consuming that you can almost feel your glorious golden glow begin to fade as you wait…and wait…and wait.

As you wait, everyone’s suitcases seem to come out except yours, and you’re there impatiently on tiptoe trying to find your personalized case you’ve splashed the cash on.

Most of us will have faced this situation – the dreaded queue at the baggage carousel when it often feels like you’ve waited there longer than you did abroad.

Waiting at the baggage carousel is the worst part of a vacation


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The airport is sticky, airless, there’s no phone signal, and you’d really rather be anywhere than there while families try to work out the identifying features of their standard large blue suitcases .

But there’s a cheeky solution if you’re the type of person who’ll try every trick in the book to avoid waiting — and it’s easier than you think.

If you don’t want to wait too long, just ask for a “fragile” sticker for your suitcase before handing your bag over to the check-in staff.

According new.com.au this can, in theory, speed up your wait time.

This is because baggage tagged as fragile will enter the plane last, meaning it will exit the other side first, which equates to less time waiting at the dreaded carousel.

You might really have some fragile items in your case, but you didn’t even know you could request a fragile sticker! Well, now you do.

If you want to double your chances of getting out of the airport first, you can do something else. Thomas Lo Sciuto, a ramp agent and gate agent at a regional airport in the United States, told Quora that you should check in last.

He said: “Bags will always be loaded back and forth on the bag trolleys, so if you check in last, your luggage will be on the last bag trolley.”

But, with the way things are going at UK airports at the moment, we’re not sure that’s something we’d want to risk…

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