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A modular smartphone design with multiple accessories could be the technological evolution we want



A modular gadget that’s more than just a smartphone – it’s a suite of accessories that can be attached to the phone to turn it into anything you want!

The modular phone has been the dream of many big names like Google, who invested a lot of time in Project Ara before being dumped a few years ago. The idea of ​​a modular smartphone is interesting but the implementation for the mainstream market is pretty darn difficult. Fairphone has clung to this difficult area with its latest model, the Qualcomm 750G-powered Fairphone 4, making strong waves in the market. The modular look of the phone makes it durable when it comes to parts replacement. Unsurprisingly, it obtained a high repairability score of 9.2 on the French repairability index and 10/10 on the iFixit test.

The dream of modularity for a phone that can swap out parts like a Lego brick still strives for perfection and this concept fuels the fire. Just like the Fairphone, Nicola Morelli’s Soul smartphone concept is a dream. A phone that can transform into a premium DSLR camera or a premium customizable accessory for fitness enthusiasts. The interactive Nintendo Switch-like vibe is more about changing the format of the gadget using extended mods rather than just adding functions with an internal hardware swap. The soul itself is one of the modules and the other attachable modules are called bodies. The main module itself can be used as a basic smartphone when you don’t need any other functions.

While the designer isn’t limited to more mods for use with the Soul phone, I can think of a few attachments. A module for accurately measuring temperature and altimeter while hiking in the mountains, or maybe a high-end tripod with a powerful telescopic lens for star gazing. The possibilities are endless with this concept phone!

Creator: Nicola Morelli

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