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A hydrogen train will run in India from Independence Day


In an unprecedented move, India is preparing to launch its first locally designed, developed and manufactured hydrogen train on the upcoming Independence Day, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has said.

India today is building world-class trains and with the hydrogen train as its pipeline, the country’s rail will witness a paradigm shift in rail transport and rail infrastructure.

Recently, Germany launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered train. Since hydrogen is an environmentally friendly fuel, it will also help the nation control its carbon footprint.

Vaishnav said the train, built at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, recently proved to be one of the top five trains in the world. It moved at a speed of 180 km/h which stunned the world, he said.

“This train is better than all the other trains on several parameters. A glass of water kept in the driver’s cabin remains intact even when the train is moving at maximum speed indicating its stability,” Vaishnaw said.

Referring to the Vande Bharat Express train, he said it only took 52 seconds to go from zero speed to 100 km per hour, while Japan’s famous high-speed train took 55 seconds for the same.

Vaishnaw said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had instructed engineers to build world-class trains which should be safe, stable and consume less energy in addition to running at a good speed.

Attention is also given to the cleanliness of stations and a satellite map has been prepared to identify 132 district capitals that need rail connectivity.

The detailed project report for the same was being prepared, the Minister of Railways said.

He said the punctuality of trains in India is around 89% at present, which was expected to reach 100%.